Welcome to Jewelarchon Gaming!

This is the first of hopefully many posts on gaming as I see it. Most of these posts will be centered around the positive aspects of gaming. For those who know me and my gaming history, it will come as no surprise that the majority of the posts will be  about my favorite gaming company, Nintendo!

Now, the reason I disclaimed that most of the posts will be positive, I do anticipate that  sometimes, the not so positive things may be addressed. Keep in mind though, if they are addressed, it’s in order to get to the positive places we should strive to be getting to.

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Andre, and I go by the gamer name Jewelarchon! I have been gaming since it was called playing video games back in the early 80s. Most of my gaming history has been on Nintendo home consoles, and I honestly am not offended by being called a Nintendo Fanboy, because definitively, that is who I am, and so being, am not afraid to say it. That does not mean I am blind to short-comings, nor does it mean that I agree with every single move that my favorite gaming company makes, but I will say that I am not the one to harp on them and attempt to vilify them for apparent missteps. That’s how I look at many things in real life, so the fact that it flows over into my gaming life, as well, is absolutely no surprise.

My immediate goal with this site is to simply bring a more positive outlook on what I see in gaming, and to hopefully create a destination for a true community! I hope you all enjoy, and spread the word. Also, feel free to give me feedback on how to make it all a better experience for you, and for us all!

Take care, and happy gaming!


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