Nintendo’s Million-Sellers Club

Since the launch of the Wii U, much has been said about the sales numbers, install base, attach rates, and everything else associated with the selling of hardware and software. Some of the information that has been officially shared is incredible and other news is not necessarily the best. One thing that should never be disputed, though, is the shear number of high quality titles that have come to the system. Many have not only gained critical acclaim, but they have also garnered the sales numbers to back it up.

Now, I concede that sales numbers alone, don’t always tell the whole story. In fact, sales numbers alone can often give a skewed and even false narrative. These titles however, fall arguably into the category of fantastic games from top to bottom.

Titles such as:

Hyrule Warriors — 1 million units sold

Splatoon — 1.09 million units sold

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD — 1.52 million units sold

Wii Party U — 1.55 million units sold

New Super Luigi U — 2.25 million units sold

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U — 3.65 million units sold

NintendoLand — 4.1 million units sold

New Super Mario Bros. U — 4.68 million units sold

MarioKart 8 — 5.11 million units sold

As of this posting, each of these games has shipped/sold at minimum 1 million units in the global market. That is a very impressive number of units at any time, but it’s even more impressive when it’s taken into account that the number of hardware units sold is not as great as Nintendo would desire it to be. The installed base of the Wii U is currently a little more than 9.54 million units (as of March 31), and with the attachment rate of some of these titles, it shows that the Wii U is getting some incredible software that may very well prove to be timeless.

NintendoLand Box ArtA few of these titles were expected to sell big numbers, as they are from established franchises and/or feature some of Nintendo’s iconic characters. NintendoLand for instance, though it was a packed-in title at launch, featured character themed attractions, and was a very good game as well. Another title, Hyrule Warriors, was more of a risk to create, as it was full of new ideas. Although it was centered around a character such as Link and a franchise like The Legend of Zelda, the customer/fan response was certainly not a forgone conclusion. Then, of course, you have the likes of Super Mario games (2D and 3D), Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda (although, in remake form) and Super Smash Bros. to create a stout set of games.

The newest entrant in the million-seller club for Nintendo software is, of course, Splatoon. Splatoon launched on May 28, 2015, and within its first 3 weeks on the market, it sold Splatoon Box Artmore than 1 million units. This was a feat that Mr. Iwata admitted was a surprise to them, as well.

Having received high recognition from our consumers for its novelty, this title’s sell-through sales reached 1 million units in less than a month from its release. We feel very grateful for this, since our view was not so optimistic prior to release, for it being a non-series title.

The title has sold extremely well, and most players are very pleased with their decision to buy. All over Miiverse, you can read posts of player who are enjoying this game immensely. From players remarking that they have posted more to the Splatoon Community in the past day or two than any other popular community on Miiverse, to players remarking about the intensity of the power of their addiction to the game. “It’s that crack!” I have heard several proclaim. Nintendo indeed makes addictive games, and they have very strong sticking power, for sure! They have always been known for creating terrific experiences, and it appears their library for Wii U is no exception. An argument could even be made that they have upped their game during this console generation out of shear necessity.

What do you think of the current Wii U library, and is the number of million-seller titles a good thing for Nintendo? Let us know in the comments section.

As always, playing games is supposed to be fun, so keep gaming!



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