Nintendo & PlatinumGames: A Winning Combination!

At E3 2012, Nintendo was preparing to launch its brand new home console, the Wii U, and among the announced launch window games was a working-titled game that was being called Project P-100 developed by Japanese studio, PlatinumGames (PG).PlatinumGames logo PG is the studio that brought games like MadWorld and Bayonetta to gamers in previous years. They were now developing a brand new title exclusively for the soon-to-release Wii U. Eventually Project P-100 was renamed The Wonderful 101 and released later in 2013. In the meanwhile, Nintendo and PG were working behind the scenes on another key title to bring exclusively to the Wii U. The title that was revealed during a September 2012 Nintendo Direct was the sequel to the critically acclaimed action game, Bayonetta. Bayonetta 2 was reportedly only possible because of the partnership between PG and Nintendo, according to producer Atsushi Inaba.

Bayonetta 2 is being published by Nintendo, strongly implying that no other company was willing to throw its support behind the title…Producer Atsushi Inaba decided to put the kibosh on any false hopes…”Would Bayonetta 2 not exist without Nintendo? The answer is yes.”

He elaborates, “We are not viewing this as a change of platform. We were looking for a partner to create Bayonetta 2 and Nintendo was a strong, cooperative partner that was willing to create and grow Bayonetta 2 together [with us]. As a result the platform became the Wii U.”

Bayonetta 2 released on the Wii U in the Fall of 2014. Both, The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2, are two incredible games that released with lots of critical acclaim, as well. PlatinumGames & Nintendo seems to be a partnership that works out well for both companies.

StarFox Zero Boss Fight

Early boss battle in Nintendo’s new StarFox Zero.

One of PG’s most vocal developers (especially via Twitter), Hideki Kamiya, has expressed his desire to develop a new StarFox game for several years now. Mr. Kamiya has gone on record with his desires even as early as 2010. So, for many people the announcement that the new Starfox title would be co-developed with PG was not much of a surprise, but more of a relief. With a developmental pedigree that they carry, there should really be no trepidation on the part of fans at the release of this game. StarFox Zero began development in-house led by legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto, who first “unveiled” the game during E3 2014. He later stated their desire to find a developing partner in order to get the game out in 2015.

In a group Q&A following the demo, Miyamoto said that because they want to finish Star Fox as quickly as possible, Nintendo is currently in discussions with outside developers to take on the project, which to this point has been prototyped entirely within Nintendo.

As more information emerges about the new game, the more exciting it sounds, and with the track record of Nintendo and PlatinumGames’ cooperative projects, I can rest assured that this will be yet another wonderful exclusive for the Wii U! Take a look at the E3 trailer below to see how the game is coming along, thus far.

The trailer shows a release of Holiday 2015. Are you excited for the release of the first StarFox game in nearly a decade? What are you looking forward to most from this title?

Nintendo infographic



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