Shin’en is Looking to Continue Their Success on the Wii U

Recently, the devs over at Shin’en Multimedia were interviewed about their upcoming indie Fast Racing NEO Screenshot 1game, Fast Racing Neo, and they had quite a few things to share about the Wii U exclusive futuristic racer. The CEO and lead developer for Shin’en Multimedia, Mr. Manfred Linzner, was interviewed by’s Reinhold Hoffmann, where he let us know about several different subjects like development delays, previous success, working with Nintendo, and more.

Mr. Linzner shared that his company has been around since 1999, and they’ve released nearly 30 games for different platforms. Having worked with Nintendo on several games on multiple platforms, they have been hard at work on Fast Racing Neo since 2013. Originally slated for release last year, it was delayed to release later this year due to the fact that they did not want to rush the game, as they were working on Fast Racing Neo, Art of Balance, and Nano Assault Neo-X (multi-platform release of Wii U-exclusive, Nano Assault Neo) at the same time. FRN has about 5 members of the team working diligently to get it finished and to the fans.

With an extensive history of working with Nintendo platforms, Shin’en feels very comfortable developing on their systems. Fast Racing NEO Screenshot 3They always love the challenge of developing on the innovative hardware that Nintendo brings to the table, also appreciating the atmosphere of high quality software offerings, to which they can contribute. That is perhaps why, according to Linzner, every game they’ve released on Nintendo platforms has been a commercial success for the company which gives them confidence in the platform.

Fast Racing Neo is poised to be a success on Wii U for multiple reasons, of course. Not only is history on its side with the success of other Shin’en games, but the futuristic racing genre is under-represented on Wii U. There have been a lot of vocal fans of the genre begging Nintendo for another iteration of genre pioneer, F-Zero. With its absence, look forward to FRN filling the gap. The recent screenshots and Nintendo Treehouse Live @E3 game play footage should make anyone anticipate this title.

This game promises to be a gem. Are you a fan of fast-paced, futuristic racing games? Are you anticipating Fast Racing Neo’s release? Let me know in the comments section below.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!



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