Super Mario Maker is About to Wreck Shop!

Since the earliest days of Nintendo gaming in the home with the Nintendo Entertainment System, there has been Super Mario there to test our reflexes (and sometimes our Super Mario Maker 2patience, too). From those early days in the arcades and then the NES, players couldn’t help but respect the work that went into the level creation. With time, I have come to realize the intricacies that went into creating Worlds 1-1 through 8-4, where the difficulties ramped up in order for  us as players to learn necessary skills to move forward. Fast forward so many Worlds and iterations later, a new set of skills is going to need to be learned to tackle what is in store for us all!

Super Mario Maker will be a game that tugs on the heartstrings for those of us who remember the older games (not as retro players, but old school players, haha), and also challenges us all with brand new stages, techniques and obstacles. Another important thing to note is the fact that we will finally get the opportunity to be the creators of these new Worlds!

Challenge is the name of this game, because it comes in different forms. Will you be challenged by the 100+ pre-installed stages? Will you be challenged by the stages that others create and share online? Will you be challenged by trying to create new experiences for others to enjoy or be frustrated by? What will your challenge be? Maybe a combination of all of the above will be your choice.

Super Mario Maker 3Every time I see more footage and more screenshots and even more game play, I get thoroughly excited about what we have coming in store. Nintendo has created a solid foundation and now we get the opportunity to build upon it for fun.

Just before E3 2014, as with all convention times, there was a series of “leaks” that came out about what may be shown at the event. Polygon published a very grainy picture of what appeared to be an unannounced game called Mario Maker, and many people wondered about its validity. Well, it did turn out to be a legitimate picture, and the reactions were mixed, ranging from excitement to ambivalence. Most even questioned how fleshed-out an experience it could possibly be. Before the opening of E3 2015, Nintendo held the Nintendo World Championships where much of the content was kept secret leading to the competition, all the way to its reveal in the Championships. The final round of competition turned out to be custom made stages in the newly renamed Super Mario Maker! That was a moment of shear delight for me, and judging by the reaction of the live crowd, it was for them, as well!

Super Mario Maker is poised to be a hit game that promises to provide extensive content for quite a while to come, and I seriously can’t wait to get started enjoying it. The game is due for release in North America on September 11, 2015. Will you be picking it up immediately? Are you excited to see what can be done? Let me know how creative you intend to be when it is released.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!



4 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker is About to Wreck Shop!

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