Change of Plans…

Last week I posted that Bill Trinen would be competing in the Evolution Championship Series (Evo), in the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U draw, but earlier today he expressed his change of plans.

This was something that I had an inclination would happen, after hearing of Mr. Satoru Iwata’s untimely passing. Bill Trinen and Iwata-sanKnowing that Iwata-san’s funeral services are the same day of the competition, it was only fitting that Mr. Trinen would be unable to compete at Evo at the same time. Our thoughts and prayers are with Iwata-san’s family, friends, colleagues and fans!

I was really looking forward to seeing Mr. Trinen compete at Evo, as well, but with all of the event of the past week in the World of Nintendo, there was nowhere else for him to be. Best wishes to you Bill. RIP Iwata-san! You are already missed, sir!

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!


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