Odd Man Out? Ask Me if I Care…

There was something that I noticed when I first began to find other gamers (Nintendo-leaning) after my unintentional hiatus from gaming last generation. Gaming had grown to be much more than it was before, and there was a mix of good and bad in that! With the explosion of the Twitch and Youtube gaming communities, I could find channels that I could really vibe with, but then also run across others that seem to clash with my sentiments. One good thing about that is I have the ability to self-censor myself, and only visit/watch those channels that I most connected with.

Before coming completely to that mindset though, Mike-Tysons-PunchoutI did find myself falling for the traps every now and then. I wouldn’t particularly engage in verbal battles very much, or allow my blood pressure to rise out of disgust or anger, but I did occasionally allow some of the negativity to affect me. Here’s the thing, I know that some people find solace in things that I may find objectionable, and they are certainly entitled to that, but the beauty is I realized a long time ago that it’s not necessary for my thoughts and feelings to be projected onto other people, just as I would not want theirs on me. That is of course where the rub comes in for me.

Coming into this community, I have seen the declaration of Gamer Rules in a sense, that were meant to define a “real gamer” or a “core gamer”, distinguish “fanboys (and girls)” from simple customers, and separate the kids from the squids–I mean, adults! That type of segregation was not something I wanted to willingly participate in, so I began to question some of these people’s motives while watching their streams/videos, and even wonder if it would be beneficial to address them directly. In the end, I decided to simply choose not to associate with that. I am choosing more carefully what I allow into my space.

Have you ever been the odd one out? I have! I have never had problems making friends, but still I was the odd one out, at times. I have been someone to look up to, but still, I was the odd one out, at times. I have been a part of things bigger than me, but still, I was the odd one out, at times.Sometimes it’s just hard to fit, cause you’re the odd one out, at times. They call us cerebral, or intellectual, or quiet, or strange, or different, but at the end of it all…we’re just the odd one out. Fortress of SolitudeThat is until I could escape to my fortress of solitude called video games. And there weren’t a lot of people there before, but it seems the tourists have deemed it a luxury destination without me knowing. That was okay at first, but then when they don’t speak the native language AND expect me to speak theirs, that’s when we have a problem!

Youtuber, Mizzah Tee posted a video last night that really got me thinking, and it inspired this post today. People often just don’t get it, and at times I used to think I just didn’t know how to convey the point well enough, but it very well could have been, they couldn’t understand well enough!

Value is something that is agreed upon, and the value of an understood sentiment and message, is beyond priceless to us all!

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!



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