Beyond the Transition–Where Does Nintendo Go From Here?

Last week was an extremely emotional one for Nintendo fans as we learned of the passing of President/CEO Satoru Iwata on July 11 and the outpouring of love and respect was enormous. Afterward, we learned of Nintendo’s immediate plans for leadership and transition. Now, it seems that the round of analysts are making their way to the forefront. They’re giving their opinions on many different things, among which, whom they believe will ultimately succeed Iwata-san as CEO of Nintendo.

In a recent article by, several games industry analysts were contact to get their thoughts on the possible next company leader. Their thoughts seemed to contradict the thoughts of a Wall Street Journal article in which they believe Shigeru Miyamoto will be the next leader.nintendo-nx1 A consensus thought, of course, is that the two front-runners for the job are Miyamoto-san and his co-Representative Director Genyo Takeda.

Much of the analysis sees the positioning of the company, with new hardware on the horizon and the need for the company to maintain the upward trajectory of Iwata-san’s vision, as the reason that Takeda-san will be that next company leader.

“We are on the cusp of a new generation of Nintendo hardware within three years, both console and handheld, and Nintendo needs Takeda-san’s experience. The alternative would be a relative unknown from within, from which there is a deep pool of loyal, long serving (25 years+) candidates. The next five years are crucial to Nintendo as it launches new hardware and explores digital opportunities, including mobile, for its mascot titles; therefore it needs somebody who understands the company culture, can respond to global consumer expectations, and manage an enviable balance sheet.”

As time continues to pass, we fans have a truly vested interest in the future of our company, and who leads the company. While that may seem to be an anxious situation, I really do feel that it’s not a need for trepidation. There has always been a healthy arm’s-length that Nintendo has kept in order to always have a great level of surprise for fans. That distance is in the games prior to launch, in hardware before launch, and just in plans as a whole…always ready to put smiles on the faces of observers.Nintendo and Universal Studios

Remember, as Takeda-san said during Iwata-san’s eulogy, he and Miyamoto-san intend to see his vision through to success! That is where I find solace and comfort in knowing that just as the company constantly has another trick up their sleeve, they will continue to show us the love that we have come to expect. It is just a matter of wait and see, for now!

Who do you think will be the next leader of Nintendo? Do you think it will be either Miyamoto-san or Takeda-san? How well do you expect them to stick to Iwata-san’s vision and recent infrastructure?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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