What Is It That Keeps You Gaming?

What has interested me a lot during the current gaming console generation is the amount of people who have either willingly remained ignorant about the Wii U, or simply written it off due to certain agendas within the industry. Now, I am going to drop a disclaimer here just so it’s made clear.

Disclaimer: This post will be quite opinionated and may very well illuminate biases on my part. Know that I don’t mind that in the least. It will just have to be that way this time.

Wonderful 101 Field BattleFor years I have been a gamer who understands that to like what I like does nothing to take away from anyone else’s gaming enjoyment. And it is baffling beyond belief to see that there are actually people who think otherwise. Some people think that the boxes that people try to put them in, are legitimate places to reside. That’s why some gamers think it’s necessary to collectively obtain the very same games to have the very same shallow experiences on the very same machines. That’s ok if, and only if, those games and experiences are what make you happy, but when they don’t and gaming is a miserable experience for you, you can only blame yourself. That is especially the case when many people willfully stay in the dark about what is available.

I remember when the Wii U was initially being launched and marketed, Reggie Fils-Aime and Satoru Iwata often said that in order to truly understand the console, players would have to go hands-on. While that has always been the case with Wii U, many people still felt that their duty was to dismiss the system as “kiddie”, “doomed”, or downright “underpowered”. One thing I felt after getting my hands on the system was an again-renewed joy of gaming.

I know that I am not alone in this feeling, though. I was reading a reader-generated article at Metro News earlier that illustrated what it means to actually play the games yourself. So often I’ve reiterated that gaming is meant to be fun, and that is the very thing that Nintendo strives to create with their consoles and games. The reader, Animated Jak, submitted:

So I decided to take the plunge on a Wii U and it’s just amazing. I don’t need to list the titles, as the Inbox has covered them all. But what I will add is that while it’s often scoffed as a bit childish or not for ‘real’ gamers every person that has played it has been impressed and left thinking that it was damn good. Five-player NintendoLand bouts have been some of the best since Mashed on PlayStation 2. In fact one friend went out and bought one less than a week later.

NintendoLand Luigi AttractionI’m not sure why, but the fear of being authentic is really hurting people these days. Not wanting to be left out, forces people to buy games based on hype and no substance. When developers continually follow through on business practices that see more money being spent on less value, it creates a dangerous cycle. When things that truly make gaming the incredible pass-time that it is are shunned and blindly shoved aside, it shows that there is a serious problem that needs to be resolved.

I happened upon a quick conversation on Twitter yesterday that also shows the very nature of the problem, and hopefully more people will realize the reality of the pitfalls (no pun intended) that are set up in the industry right now.

I look forward to the days when more gamers are fully aware of what it means to “enjoy playing video games again”! I’m not saying that gamers can’t possibly enjoy gaming on other systems aside from the Wii U, but I am saying that dismissal of a great console that is beyond amazing only because it’s the “cool” thing to do is detrimental to the industry that we all claim to love! Go enjoy your gaming, and I just hope it’s on a Nintendo console, but if it isn’t, enjoy yourself all the more.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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