The Hacking Has Commenced…and You’re Confused?!

A few days ago, I wrote about Nintendo’s Facebook Hackathon event that is currently taking place at Facebook HQ. Over these next couple days, teams are brainstorming and putting their heads together to come up with unique stages in order to create the best one for a chance to have their stage included in the game with it releases on September 11 of this year.

Through social media, Nintendo is periodically keeping fans informed of the event’s progress.

This updating is, of course, baffling to some people as it is Nintendo and that is the world we live in. One comment I saw on the Nintendo Facebook Page really got under my skin a bit (I’m laughing about it now, smh). I won’t name him here, but if you’re curious enough you should be able to find his comment here. But, as the first posts began to roll in from Nintendo this guy says:

Nintendo has sunk pretty low to be selling out to facebook in this way. Call me disappointed.

Now, my first reaction was to point out so many reasons why this comment was so off-base. Let him know that this is exactly what promotion is. Find out exactly why someone would be on Facebook to bash Nintendo for working with them…and then I realized, what was going on for real!

Internet Troll

So after I got a grip, I came across a series of tweets that really prompted this quick post. Someone who often makes incredible Youtube videos about Nintendo shocked me with tweets wondering what exactly it was that Nintendo was doing with the Facebook partnership…this one I will share only because I respect him enough to help.

followed by…

A response to a tweet, but none the less…what is there to be confused about? It would be one thing if he were a lay-person who doesn’t really follow Nintendo information, but as someone with an inside track, he should know that the more people whose hands Nintendo gets Gamepads in, the more likely those people are to want more. A 30th Anniversary celebration is a nostalgic occurrence, and because of that, the smartest thing to do is strike a chord with the heartstrings of the most people they can before launch and continue through an extended period of time. Come on, that really shouldn’t be that difficult. As the event is two days, with video footage to come afterward, and the level to be available later, it drums up more excitement among many different types of people.

When you watched the NWC and saw Super Mario Maker, did you get excited? If so, you may have already decided to get the game. Nintendo doesn’t need to sell you on it anymore, but for employees at Facebook who may have been too busy, or even decided to skip the NWC in favor of possibly different console presentations later in the week, to work in groups, to play a game that is fun and nostalgic, and done over two days is a brilliant idea. I promise you, tonight when those FB employees go home between their work sessions with the game, they will be thinking hard about how to finish their stages and what to add to them next. That is how you create buzz for a game.

You think maybe leading to the release of the game, there will be a lot of ads on FB? Maybe we will see clips of the Hackathon repeatedly online…just a thought.

Look, I’m not saying Josh was trolling, because I seriously doubt that he was, but what is different about this event and bringing Youtubers to Redmond, WA to get info and play demos for a few hours? Different ways to get the games into people’s hands and the info into people’s minds is smart and it may not always be the usual suspects going hands-on, but that is far from pointless!

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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