Some Early Impressions of the BIG Splatoon Update

It’s getting pretty exciting to see certain outlets release advance footage of the upcoming Splatoon update on Youtube. In case you were unaware, the much-anticipated BIG Splatoon update for August releases tomorrow evening at 10pm EST/7pm PST, globally. This update will bring many great additions to this already beloved game.

BIG Update Details

Earlier today, the great folks over at GameXplain uploaded a quick Preview video to share some of the new things in store for Splatoon fans tomorrow night. Take a look at the changes, below:

In addition to the above video, the guys over at IGN shared several minutes of new weapon-play with the two new weapon classes (Sloshers and Splatling Guns).

Splatoon is just turning out to be that game that keeps on giving. Nintendo created a new experience that is creating a large fire in the hearts of gamers, and I think it’s great, honestly. The more people Nintendo can bring to the table with new experiences, the more their chief aim is fulfilled…putting smiles on the faces of everyone they contact.

Are you excited about the new weapons? What about the updates to maps? Will you change up your appearance with new gear?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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