Weekend Review–What’s Going On? (3)

This week was a little light on news updates, but what we did get was pretty BIG! We got an update release, found out we are special, news of an invasion, and a new funny!

Last week saw quite a lot of new information, but as this week got going there was a stark difference as the anticipation for the BIG Splatoon update grew more palpable. When the update went live, players were greatly surprised by the sheer amount of improvement that it brought to the game.

Elma and AviAs the start of Gamescom 2015 in Cologne, Germany kicked off, the news picked up a bit. We learned that Xenoblade Chronicles X was going to be launching with Special Editions in Europe and North America. Full details were given for Europe, but Nintendo of America said that more details on our “unique Special Edition” were to come, so that is something to look forward to, for sure!

We also got release dates for the next wave of amiibo this week. We will be seeing those hit stores next month. A special 3-pack will be available from GameStop to be pre-ordered starting on the 8th of August (in-store only) and release later in September, and the other will be available at all major retailers (and online) two weeks before the 3-pack. Be ready for the. amiibo-geddon is soon to come, again!

To end out the week, Nintendo released a new gag comic about Link’s adventures in time travel. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Hijinks Part 1 was made available to read via PlayNintendo.

Marshmallows vs. Hot Dogs

Remember, Splatoon fans, the latest Splatfest is currently going on (if you are reading this on Saturday, August 8). So, hopefully you have been/are participating in that event.

Also, Kit and Krysta from Nintendo, shared their experiences at the Facebook Hackathon event in this week’s Nintendo Minute video.

I look forward to seeing some new news soon. In the meanwhile, there is plenty to keep us all occupied through this weekend.Will you be splatting all weekend? Will you make time for any other games over the weekend? Whether you’re splatting, smashing, racing, or any other -ing this weekend, enjoy it while you do it.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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