Nindies Wednesdays–Studio Collabs Are Hot!

There are some fantastic games coming to the Wii U over the next several months. Nintendo is, of course, bringing aNintendo eShop logo number of 1st Party titles, and some collaborative efforts with other studios are also coming to the Wii U. In addition to what Nintendo is bringing to the table, and the handful of major 3rd Party devs bringing titles to the console, there are, of course, all of the Nindies coming to Wii U soon.

One of the games that has been shown off quite a bit since earlier this year at the Game Developers Conference, is the title Runbow by 13AM Games. Runbow is a game that will be coming exclusively to the Wii U in a short amount of time. More details below:

RUN – Up to nine players can race against each other in a 5 run preview race of Runbow’s main party platforming mode. Be the first to reach the trophy to win!

ADVENTURE – Play single player or co-operatively to defeat Satura in Runbow’s story mode. Beat different objectives (collect coins, reach the trophy, defeat the enemies) and make your own path through four colourful posters. Better times earn more medals, which can be used to unlock content in Runbow’s Gallery!

RUNBOW will have even more levels, more costumes, and more colourful chaos.

With all that we have known about the game so far and its inclusion in the Nindies@Home Runbow Guests 1program, many people have been anticipating this game for quite some time. It just comes off as a very fun and enjoyable game to play,¬†especially with a large group of people. There’s seems to be even more to the game though, as it has been revealed that there will be several guest characters from other Nindie games, as well.

Group 1

– Shovel Knight
– Rusty
– Jaun and Tostada
– Swift Thornebrooke
– Scram Kitty
– Commandervideo and Commandergirlvideo

Group 2

– Gunvolt from Azure Striker Runbow Guests 2Gunvolt

– Teslamancer from Teslagrad
– Clone from Stealth Inc
– ARID from The Fall
– Xeodrifter from Xeodrifter
– Princess from Chariot
– Max from Mutant Mudds
– Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter
– Unity Chan (Unity Japan’s mascot character)

This is a large group of Nindie charaters, and it’s great to see that each of them are indeed characters that will be familiar to Nintendo fans, as these characters have appeared in at least one title on Nintendo platforms. Support garners support! Here’s a guest appearances trailer for your enjoyment.

Is this one of your most anticipated Nindie games? Did you take advantage of the chance to play the Nindies@Home demo? Which guest character(s) are you most excited about?

In addition, take a look at a behind the scenes with the developers, as they discuss the high-difficulty mode, Bowhemoth.

Also, news came out yesterday that there was a slight delay in the release of Freedom Planet, due to a bug.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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