Nintendo Releases More Details About Super Mario Maker

Nintendo just released an information-filled trailer that revealed tons of previously unknown details about Super Mario Maker! Nintendo has always been able to create amazing experiences with Mario games, but now they are putting that task in the hands of fans. Things continue to get more and more exciting the closer the game gets to release.

In addition to the trailer below, Nintendo has also already made the game available for pre-order at retail as well as via the Wii U eShop where you can pre-load the game in advance of the September 11 release.

Super Mario Maker will come packed with the tools to make you and me creators of the very same Mushroom Kingdom we have enjoyed exploring for years now. Take a look at the trailer below.

With all of the amazing things that will be available in Super Mario Maker, this game will be a massive one. So many incredible options on the way!

8-bit-mario-amiibo-wave-5One detail of note; we found out that Nintendo has made use of all of those amiibo out in the wild. As many of the amiibo have proven to be only compatible with a handful of games, so hearing that all but the 3 Mii-modeled amiibo are compatible with Super Mario Maker, was incredible news.

Are you as hyped for this game as I am? What will you be looking to do first after launch? Be sure to check back for the latest on Super Mario Maker, right here.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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