Nintendo’s Mobile Strategy is Getting a Little Clearer

Last month, Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco took place from July 7-8, and one of Mario and Luigi with DeNAthe featured and most anticipated speakers was DeNA West CEO, Shintaro Asako. Asako-san shared quite a few of the company’s thoughts and ideas for the upcoming mobile releases from the NIntendo/DeNA partnership.

As Asako-san spoke about Nintendo’s approach to the mobile market, and what they were collectively looking to bring to the table, he shared some intriguing things to look out for.

Although not giving away any details about what the games will be – the first will be announced in 2015 – Asako was ambitious enough to think these games would impact the entire mobile games industry.

“I think our games might change the way people play mobile games,” he stated, saying that just as mobile games have moved from free to freemium, the new “free-to-start” philosophy that Nintendo is promoting will be something novel again.

This initiative is very ambitious and I am excited to see what they have planned. Nintendo is looking to tap into a massive market and on a grand scale.

“Successful mobile games needs to be discoverable,” Asako pointed out.

“I’m convinced there will be hundreds of millions of people who will want to play free-to-start Nintendo games.”

In the last few days, DeNA’s financial results have come out and though very little was shared about the mobile titles coming soon, there was a single glimmer of light soon to be shed. According to a translation by Dr. Serken Toto, announcement plans are currently being worked on.

This partnership with DeNA is really shaping up to be a phenomenal decision for Nintendo. I am also really looking forward to seeing the other initiatives that the companies are putting into place for us to enjoy as fans/consumers.

Are you a fan of mobile gaming? Do you intend to play the games that Nintendo is bringing to the mobile market? What do you think will be different about how they bring their content to the consumers?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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