The Rainmaker is Coming!

Yesterday, Nintendo announced the arrival of a new Ranked Battle mode in Splatoon, as Rainmaker will be arriving tonight at 10pm EST/7pm PST. Rainmaker is an all-new mode in which players compete to snag the Rainmaker. Once you have it, the goal is to carry it into the other team’s base!

This is a mode that the company has been talking a little about for quite some time, but now we have finally gotten an update release, as well as more details.

How’s it work, you ask? As soon as the battle begins, grab onto that Rainmaker! It’s guarded by a shield, though, so you’ll need to bust it out first. Once you snag it, head for the other team’s base. And be quick about it!

If you run out of time or get splatted, the Rainmaker will be dropped and its shield will also reactivate. The Rainmaker is crazy heavy, so you can’t Super Jump while carrying it. Hopefully your teammates will watch your back!

Splatoon Rainmaker 3The Rainmaker is not only a trophy to haul to the other team’s base though, it can also be used as an offensive weapon.

But don’t think the Rainmaker is just some shiny object – it can shoot ink like an Inkzooka. You can even hold to charge the Rainmaker up for an extra-powerful shot!

Be ready for some splatting fun as this new mode will be available before you know it.

Are you excited to see this new mode? Do you anticipate playing a lot of matches in Rainmaker?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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