Unleashing a Full Retail Monster

September 11 cannot seem to get here quickly enough for most Nintendo fans. That is the date (in case you weren’t aware) that Super Mario Maker releases globally! This game promises to be hundreds of hours of fun for quite some time to come. It is being branded as the 30th Anniversary celebration for our favorite overall’d plumber.

When the game releases it will retail for full price at $59.99 in North America. This may come to some as a shock, but it is welcome in my eyes. This is why I say that.

Back when Mario Maker was leaked by an anonymous source just before the start of E3 2014, aside from the wonder of whether the leak was even real, there was also the thought that maybe Nintendo could make a simple eShop-only title to mess around with for bargain pricing. Whether right or wrong, most gamers equate pricing to quality, and when perceived quality is assumed, many people make the false equivalency and assume some games don’t merit a full retail price, even when they will deliver much more quality than their perception would allow them to believe.

Fast-forward to roughly 3 weeks before the game is to release, and we have a price and word of an enormous amount of content that will be in the game, and if history is a teacher (and it certainly is) we know that with all that was announced, there is plenty that we still do not know about the game.

Super Mario Maker Idea BookIn addition to all of the content within the game, not to mention the Goliath-sized amount of amiibo support, there is a special full-color Idea Book that also comes with the retail copies of the game. Until just a few days ago, there was a question of how the Idea Book would be handled for customers who take advantage of the eShop download opportunity. Well, we did indeed get confirmation that a physical copy of the Idea Book will indeed be available to eShop customers, as well.

After buying Super Mario Maker on the eShop, you’ll find a toll-free number to call on your receipt. Hit up that number and explain why you’re calling. After you give Nintendo your Wii U serial number (which is also on the receipt), email, name, and address, an order will be created and the booklet will be sent out when they become available.

Note that this offer is only valid in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Keep in mind that if your desire to get the game immediately at launch and are a fan of digital retail, you can pre-download the game right now in the Wii U eShop. In addition to the physical copies of the Idea Book, players can also download an available .pdf file that will be available here when the game launches on 9/11.

I keep getting more and more excited for this game every time I see more information and video footage of the it. In fact, I think this game is bringing back so much of the magic that has made Mario into the icon he is today. It’s just exciting to see what new and amazing levels will be available, and playable, and even create-able!

Are you excited about this game, as well? Will you be buying digital and ordering the Idea Book, or sticking with retail? How long have you been a Super Mario fan?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



3 thoughts on “Unleashing a Full Retail Monster

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