Weekend Review–What’s Going On? (5)

This past week has been a very heavy information-laden week. We got booked, we were updated, we completed the hack, were notified of a fest, got new Nindie news, got a mega-Maker info dump, opened up to new heights, and began a new round of tests.

Nintendo gave fans word that the full color Idea Book that comes with the retail copies of Super Mario Maker would also be available to all digital customers, as well. This was a welcome revelation, as many people wondered if the Idea Book would be available, and in which form it would be.

This week there was also a quick system update for the Wii U. The update was only to remove the Nintendo TVii icons from the menus and to boost system stability. In all likelihood we are past anymore major system updates for the Wii U going forward. I could be wrong, but if we are indeed closing in on the launch of a new platform, we should be finished with major updates. Of course, those don’t include stability updates and such.

Nintendo of America released all three videos that showcased the Facebook Hackathon event that took place last month at Facebook HQ. Videos one and two were released prior to this Weekend Review, and video three will be available in this blog later today. Be sure to check them all out.

The good scientists from the Squid Research Lab informed us that there will be another Splatfest in North America next week. This time the theme will be Transformers, and the sides will of course, Autobots vs. Decepticons. They also informed us of a new map in Splatoon that became available Thursday evening. This new map is called Flounder Heights, and the praise for it has already begun to pour in from players.

There was also quite a bit of Nindie news, as Nintendo of America will be hosting a Nindies@Night event the night before PAX Prime begins. There were also new screenshots of Oddworld: New & Tasty released to keep the fans attention. We were also reassured that the game is coming very soon for the Wii U.

Super Mario Maker also saw a flood of new information as many gaming media outlets were finally permitted to share full game footage, and they certainly took advantage. We were able to get a look at the multiple title screens, see many of the tools available in the game, hear many of the sound effects, and even see some of the amiibo transformations.

Then, there was also the announcement of a new Splatoon Testfire for the weekend. Two hours per day from Friday through Sunday, anyone who has not had the pleasure of picking up Splatoon yet, can participate in a FREE weekend with the game during the allotted time with the Testfire event.

All of this week’s Nintendo information was vast and very welcome! The more information we get about highly anticipated and soon-coming games, as well as improvements and updates to current ones, the better it is for us.This generation of gaming for Nintendo fans is continually impressing more and more.

As more of the week came to an end, there was even more information that came out.

It appears that more amiibo restocks are amiibo Checkliston the way, as Nintendo’s compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act filings have listed new entries for previously released amiibo. Several rare amiibo like Little Mac, Lucario, Captian Falcon, Wario, and the Splatoon amiibo 3-pack are among the filings. This is surely great news for the amiibo collectors among us, and for those who just wanted to get their hands on these particular amiibo. Either way, it’s incredible to see Nintendo responding to the demand.

In addition to that, during the Pokemon Championships, it was announced that Pokken Tournament will not only be launching globally in the Spring of 2016, but it will be coming to Wii U. Many people have been anticipating this news since the very first glimpse of screenshot was seen a couple years ago during the announcement for Pokemon X/Y.

Remember this?

The announcement trailer for Pokken Tournament is below:

Then there was also the discovery of a New Nintendo Patent - No Optical Drivenew patent filing by Nintendo of a stationary gaming device that does not house an optical disc drive. Now, the rumor mill is churning out its usual wares, so many people are speculating on the range of this device being the NX to this being a somewhat down-scaled Wii U alternative console; sort of a Wii U Mini. I won’t go very much into my own thoughts on it yet, but I may weigh in on it once I have had the chance to look more into it myself.

Enough news, updates, and information to keep you occupied for the weekend, I’m sure. So, with that I hope you have enjoyed this Weekend Review.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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