This North American Super Mario Maker Ad is Absolutely Amazing!

Many people felt that in the beginning of the life cycle of Wii U, advertisement was severely lacking. They thought that Nintendo was not getting the word out properly for the new system or its games, and they have attributed the slow adoption of the console in part to that lack of advertisement.

A couple years ago Nintendo of America hired a new firm to assist with advertisement, and many great things came about since then like the Mario Kart 8 adverts, and the Splatoon adverts, as well. Now, we have a new ad for Super Mario Maker that is absolutely wonderful, to say the least! Take a look below:

Nintendo has been doing a lot to get the word out about Super Mario Maker, and it is truly a wonderful thing, because this game is hitting on all of the nostalgia notes, at exactly the right time. Take a look at the trailer for the recent Facebook Hackathon event held in partnership with Facebook last month.

Excitement doesn’t even cover it all for the anticipation of this game! Are you as flat-out excited about Super Mario Maker, as well?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


One thought on “This North American Super Mario Maker Ad is Absolutely Amazing!

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