A Massive Special for a Massive Game!

During PAX Prime 2015, Nintendo of America held a full-on panel to discuss many of the aspects of Xenoblade Chronicles X which will be released in North America on December 4. Although the panel was focused mainly on concepts and such, we were able to get some incredible details that many fans have been anticipating for quite some time, now!

For players in Japan, Xenoblade Chronicles X has been available for several months now, but North American players have been waiting until the localization is completed. With about 3 more months to go, the wait has been pretty painful. Saturday evening’s XCX panel has been a very welcome relief, though.

Earlier this month, Nintendo of America informed fans that the game would be launching with a unique Special Edition, but more details would come later. Well, later has finally arrived, and it looks fantastic!

Launching alongside the standalone version of massive Wii U role-playing game Xenoblade Chronicles X on Dec. 4 is a Special Edition overflowing with great content. Perfect for fans who want to experience everything Xenoblade Chronicles X has to offer, players who purchase the Special Edition at a suggested retail price of $89.99 will get a beautifully designed package that contains:

  • The Xenoblade Chronicles X game
  • A gorgeous book of concept art with more than 100 pages, featuring select art for the very first time
  • A unique USB drive modeled after the game’s “Lifehold Unit,” pre-loaded with a selection of 10 music tracks from the game’s memorable soundtrack
  • A limited-edition matted 5×7 art card of a painting done for the game by illustrator Takashi Kojo

Unique to North America, this Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition is now available for pre-order at select retailers nationwide.

For a lot of Nintendo fans in North America, they have felt that Special Editions are far too rare, where European and Japanese markets tend to get some of the most amazing collections. This current North American collection, however, is wonderful, and has some of the best contents of a Special Edition box set I have ever seen.

Even though I have watched several livestreams of game play for Xenoblade Chronicles X, and the wait has been long, my excitement and anticipation for the game are rising once again.

Have you made plans to get your hands on this game? Will you be taking advantage of the Special Edition? Does the promise of this vast adventure whet your JRPG appetite?

I am truly looking forward to playing this game in December!

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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