Super Mario Maker Super Creator Challenge

Nintendo hosted 5 different YouTubers recentlysuper_mario_maker_art for another opportunity to showcase their upcoming HIT Super Mario Maker. Super Mario Maker is set for release globally on September 11, and it is truly exciting to watch it as the date approaches. Most gamers that I am in contact with have expressed an immense anticipation for this game’s release. Those gamers range from the biggest Nintendo fans, to the fans who simply appreciate the company, and all of the space in between.

This latest effort to promote Super Mario Maker has pitted 5 YouTubers against one another, to see who can create the best Super Mario stage as decided by viewers.

We asked five teams to create levels in Super Mario Maker and compete for the exclusive title of Super Creator. Watch this preview video to get a taste of the action, and check back tomorrow to see all five levels and vote for your favorite!

Who will take the Super Creator trophy? Only you can decide!

Official Rules: Vote for your favorite video by “liking” it on Nintendo’s YouTube channel at between 6PM ET on 9/2/15 and 11:59 PM ET on 9/9/15. Use of script, macro or other automated system to vote or with the intent to impair the integrity of the voting process is prohibited and all such votes will be void. Video creators may not vote for their own videos and are prohibited from obtaining votes by any fraudulent or inappropriate means, including, without limitation, offering prizes or other inducements to voters. All votes are subject to final verification by Nintendo in its sole discretion.

The contestants for the challenge are:

The introduction video and all five levels are below for your pleasure, and the decision is yours. Enjoy!

I have continued to say it, but Nintendo is truly pulling out all the stops to promote Super Mario Maker, and I couldn’t be more happy about that and excited for the game, myself! This is where I want to see the company…doing what it needs to do to ensure that their message is heard loud and clear!

How excited are you about Super Mario Maker? Which YouTuber are you voting for? Do you expect to make better levels that those that you have seen?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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