Super Mario Maker Blowout

In addition to today’s Super Mario Maker Treehouse event, there is even more to know about the game and all that Nintendo is doing to spread the word.

Most fans were aware that Nintendo was providing a FREE idea book with every retail copy of Super Mario Maker, and we later had it confirmed that even digital purchasers would have access to the physical book after purchase, as well. Some people may not have been aware though, but a digital .pdf copy would also be available to everyone, and it is now ready for your download here.

Nintendo has also expanded their partnership with Game Truck in favor of Super Mario Maker.

Also, Nintendo will be showcasing the game this morning at 9am ET/PT on the Today Show.

And then, one day after the game’s launch, Nintendo and Wal-Mart will have an event at select locations allowing fans to play the game in-store.

There is a lot to anticipate with the looming launch of Super Mario Maker, and it is really exciting! Of the above-mentioned information, which are you most excited about? WIll you be taking advantage of any/all of these events?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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