Ready, Set, Launch!!

This is your Weekend Review for the week of September 12! What’s going on?!

So, this week we were maintained, spread aSMM Early Reviews few rumors, launched, got brand new, and learned about another festive event.

We started out the week pretty slowly coming out of the Labor Day holiday with a little bit of eShop maintenance on the back end, that didn’t show much of a difference for the user experience. Of course, that’s not surprising as any major overhauls may be quite a ways off, if at all for the current systems at this stage.

We also kind of jumped into the NX rumors party a bit. That was pretty interesting, and even if much of that does not come to fruition, just the thought of so much attention being paid to what MAY be is a good sign for an attentive audience when it comes time to put money in place of words for fans.

Splatoon fans got some welcome news this week, as well. Not only have they been treated to yet another new weapon to splat with in their Turf Wars and Ranked Battles, but there was also the announcement of an all-new Splatfest incoming next week.

And then probably the biggest of all bigs happened to end the week, as Super Mario Maker released worldwide. This game has been highly anticipated for more than a year for many, and now it is available to the masses.

In addition:

There were a few other things that Nintendo introduced to the public this week that really came as a surprise to everyone. One of those main things was the unveiling of Pokemon GO.

There are plenty of things that Nintendo has on the table and many more things that will soon be coming, as well, and it will have Nintendo fans busy doing what they should be doing best, and that is playing their games. That is exactly what Iwata-san would have wanted, and that is what we will get for the remainder of this year, and hopefully for a long time to come.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

Oh, and by the way…the Treehouse staff went LIVE this week sharing some great things within the newly-released Super Mario Maker. Check them out below:


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