More Friday Fun to Share — Kansas City Chiefs Style!

No comics to share this week, but this is still plenty of fun to go around. Although there are many different styles of gamers and their tastes vary, respectively, something that I have noticed is that there are a surprising amount of gamers who admittedly are not big on sports. Now, I am not saying they are right or wrong, but it was a bit surprising to me to find that out.

There are, however, a lot of athletes who are admitted gamers, and proud to be so. I know many may point to the football players that EA like to trot out to show off the newest iteration of Madden (to promote their game, not the gamers), or the basketball players that 2K will show playing the new NBA 2K- title (again, to promote their game). Adversely, one group I would like to point out is the group of player from the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team who have boldly shown their love for Nintendo games, recently.

Tamba Hali made a post to Instagram recently that showed several defensive players unwinding inside the locker while playing Mario Kart 7 on their Nintendo 3DS’s.

It’s always great to see the real deal when it comes to gamers.

Also, with those same Kansas City Chiefs, Tight End Travis Kelce celebrated his second touchdown of the day on Sunday with a Donkey Kong-inspired Smash of the football in the end zone.See the celebration below. Kelce’s fans have nicknamed the celebration the “Fist of Zeus”, but Kelce was sure to note the origins of the move came from playing Super Smash Bros., and specifically Donkey Kong.

These are the things that show how the games we play are truly about having fun. Whether it’s players playing MK7 in the locker room or imitating characters on the field in celebration, it is all about the fun being had!

Have you seen other examples of gaming X sports without the desire to promote the games, only the fun? What do you think will be the next example of gaming fun in the wild?

Here’s hoping your Friday is full of fun and leads to an amazing weekend!

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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