Over a Million Uploads Already?

Super Mario Maker appears to be THAT game many gamers have been waiting for all this time. In the week since its release worldwide, fans have already uploaded more than 1 million courses for fellow fans to try out, rate, download, and even modify for themselves.

The Japanese tweet can be seen below (you can click on the Translate link to better read it, if necessary):

This is obviously incredible news for Nintendo as a whole, and for Nintendo fans specifically. Not only does it show that Super Mario Maker is well on its way to becoming another feather in the company’s success cap, but also gives gamers tons of content to enjoy for years and years to come. Eventually, I believe there will be categories of stages that any gamer can choose from to have fun with as the imaginations of the masses are indeed being showcased by this game!

How excited are you to play these stages over time? Will Nintendo ever need to make another 2D Mario game, or at least, any time soon? What can they do to expand upon this in your opinion?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


2 thoughts on “Over a Million Uploads Already?

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