Nindies Wednesdays — A Few Titles to Look For…

This week in our Nindies spotlight we get to look at a few titles that range in release dates, but are expected fairly soon.

DexFollowing a Kickstarter update, Wii U owners have been reassured by the devs over at Dreadlocks that their game, Dex is still heading to the system. Dex is described as a story-driven action/stealth sidescrolling RPG with a fresh new vision of cyberspace. The game was originally scheduled to release last year, but has obviously been delayed.

We realize that this is later than first anticipated, and that those of you waiting for these versions to play Dex are getting impatient. The main reason for the delay is that we decided to work on the Enhanced Version of Dex to improve several aspects of the game, based on the feedback we received following the release. The console versions will of course include all those changes (and more), so our development schedule was significantly shifted as a result.

Nintendo has been extremely helpful and delightful to work with, and we’re very excited about the Wii U version, which will feature some unique functionalities, more of which we’ll detail in the coming months.

Also, another update has been given by the fine developers at Two Tribes regarding the coming Wii U title Rive. Gamers have been anticipating this title for quite some time, patiently waiting and Two Tribes has been doing a wonderful job keeping people informed of the game’s progress. Rive was recently one of the featured games in the Nindies@Home promotion centered around E3 2015. Now, we have a new update from them regarding the game. Take a look below:

Another Nindie title that will soon be arriving on Wii U is Pumped BMX+ from Curve Digital. Although the game has released on several other platforms already, Curve Digital says that they need a little more time for the Wii U version, and thus the game has a release date of October 1. Take a look at the All Formats trailer below:

Over the past few weeks since PAX Prime, Nintendo of America has been releasing several developer interviews conducted by Damon Baker. I will be sharing them periodically within our Nindies Wednesdays spotlights. This week we will look at the interview with Brainseed Factory, the developers of Typoman.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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