Nintendo is Ramping Up Its Push for Fall With TriForce Heroes

Earlier this year during E3 2015, Nintendo announced the next iteration in the Zelda franchise for their handheld audience titled The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes. As time has progressed through the year, we have gotten more and more details, information and, in certain settings, the opportunity to go hands-on with it. The game will, however, soon be released for all to enjoy.

Form a legendary trio with your friends and tackle dungeons and boss battles together in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, coming to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems on Oct. 23. Presented in the same top-down style as the critically acclaimed The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds game, prepare to solve inventive puzzles as a team and dress Link in a range of outfits to enable new abilities that enhance your adventure.

If you have seen any of the game play footage, you will notice that players are able to customize their Link characters, and these differing appearances (or outfits) for Link have significance in-game.

In the Kingdom of Hytopia, a fashion-obsessed realm where sartorial elegance is celebrated, an evil witch has placed a mysterious curse upon Princess Styla, casting the realm into disarray. With citizens calling for the return of a legendary trio of “Totem Heroes” to protect them, and King Tuft offering a unique reward for whosoever lifts the curse, venture into the Drablands to hunt down the witch and restore peace and stylishness to the land.

Each of the game’s 36 outfits comes with its own special abilities that help the three Link characters solve puzzles and navigate difficult terrain. For example, “Goron Garb” allows Link to swim in lava, while the “Zora Costume” helps him swim through water with greater speed.

With all of the puzzles in store for players to solve, there looks to be plenty of content waiting. Of course, there are many who will gravitate heavily toward the multi-player facet off the game’s mechanics, but single player fans need not dismay, because there is plenty of room for you to have fun, too.

You also have a variety of ways to explore the game across its 32 stages. You can play in solo mode along with two paper doll-like figures called “Doppels.” Or you can use an Internet connection to go online in multiplayer mode and partner with two other heroic players who also own the game. You can choose to team up with a combination of players who are and are not part of your Nintendo 3DS friend list. Finally, Download Play allows you to connect locally with two other friends who own a system in the Nintendo 3DS family, even if only one person has the game. Only by working as a team will you be able to progress through the various hazards lying in wait, but for those who master an area, bonus challenges can be unlocked for access to more valuable rewards.

To share your great acts of teamwork and skill from throughout the game with others, players can visit the Photo Bro shop managing the in-game Miiverse Gallery. As well as posting these snaps to Miiverse, you can even unlock Miiverse stamps, which you can apply to your hand-drawn creations.

Zelda fans will certainly have another fantastic entry to have and enjoy, and quite possibly quell some of the angst for the Wii U iteration to release (hopefully next year). In the mean while, will you be picking up this sure-gem? Have you been able to play any demos of it, yet? How excited are you to visit the Kingdom of Hytopia in this latest adventure?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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