North America’s Animal Crossing amiibo Festival Release

Over the last 24 hours, quite a bit of information has been shared about Animal Crossing amiibo Festival and its impending release. The Japanese and European release info was shared first, but now we finally have the North American release info.

Along with the game’s release date of November 13 in North America, there is also the additional release info of Animal Crossing amiibo figures.

Animal Crossing amiibo Festival

With more information beginning to come forward about this game and the amiibo associated with it, we get that much closer to its release. My desire at this time, though, is for Nintendo to finally lift the lid on the game’s complete form. I am sure that just as I am aware of much of the sentiment in the market surrounding this game, Nintendo is aware of the perception that this game is far lacking full-retail merit.

Maybe, soon there will be a Nintendo Direct to shed light on several things that need illuminating. It is interesting that Nintendo has so much going on right now, and so much new information coming out, and much of it would have done well to be a part of a Nintendo Direct. With the state of the Directs though, we don’t know exactly when they will finally return (but we do know they will return, hopefully sooner than later).

Are the amiibo Festival bundles enough for you to decide to pick up this game? Do you need to know more? Will you be collecting all of these amiibo to add to your collection?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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