This is Beyond Marketing…Updated!


Since writing the below post, Nintendo has gone even further with its promotion of select user-generated courses in Super Mario Maker. With the massive influx of courses to play, Nintendo of America is making sure the vast number are not seen as overwhelming!

Each week, the Super Mario Maker website will post some of the amazing courses we’ve discovered here at Nintendo, along with the course ID so you can try them out too.

Visit the website here to see the courses.

Original Post:

Nintendo of America has started doing something that will go even further than simply promoting for the their recent Wii U HIT, Super Mario Maker 2Super Mario Maker. As you may already know, Super Mario Maker is Nintendo’s newest million-seller title, and it is certainly garnering massive attention…in a great way.

Players not only get the opportunity to play great Mario levels, but they also have the opportunity to create their own levels to share, allowing others to play them, as well. Recently Nintendo of America started sharing these player-generated levels for everyone to try out and enjoy.

Currently there are 10 courses that have been shared by NOA. Take a few minutes to see the course profile thumbnails below, and test out some possibly new levels, for yourself.

Check out some of the courses we’ve been playing in Super Mario Maker!

Nintendo Console Gaming on Facebook – Super Mario Maker Courses

Have you played any of these listed courses, yet? Are you excited to see Nintendo promoting user courses? Are you excited to see if your course makes the list soon?

Nintendo sharing these user courses is a phenomenal thing because it gives users an additional platform to get their creations out to more people. It’s almost as if these players are getting the coveted Nintendo Seal of Quality. That is incredible, to say the least, and customer interaction says so much for the company’s connection and perception in the market!

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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