Super Mario Maker Update Incoming…

Nintendo of America just announced the pending arrival of a feature that many fans have somewhat silently lamented its absence. Super Mario Maker will be getting an update next week that will add Checkpoints as an option in-game, so now players will not be obligated to start completely over on your created stages after an untimely mishap, anymore.

Along with Checkpoints, there will be 4 additional updates coming to Super Mario Maker on November 4, as well. For a quick breakdown of the four additional updates, take a look at the video NOA released earlier, below:

Have you been one of those players wishing for the arrival of checkpoints for stages? How many levels have you created/uploaded, so far? Does the ability to have the distinction made between Power Ups matter to you? Are you looking forward to a more challenging Gnat Attack mini-game? Will you play the Official Levels? Will you be participating in any of the special events? Are you excited about this update, and does it enhance the value of the game for you?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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