Remember the Holiday Mall Experience is Still Going Now…

Several days ago, Nintendo shared the details of their Holiday Mall Experience 2015, and it is currently going on until December 20.

To find a location nearest you, be sure to refer back to this earlier post.

Nintendo of America is doing some major marketing this holiday season to get their games, amiibo and systems into the hands of consumers, and it truly does seem to be working well. According to recent reports, Target has said the Wii U is one of their biggest sellers already this Holiday for Black Friday.

With news like this, it’s becoming more apparent that Nintendo is employing a winning strategy for this Holiday season. By getting the word out through incredible advertisement, getting the games into the hands of fans at local events, and even having wonderful eShop sales; Nintendo is making sure their games and systems are staying at the forefront of shoppers’ minds, and it is working.

With this type of momentum, the impending final push for the current generation of handheld and home console systems from Nintendo looks like it will be sufficiently maintained through their life cycles.

I am looking forward to continued sales success, and overall good news from the company throughout the holidays, and into next year.

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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