And the Winner is…

Nintendo of America held their Splatoon-focused Treehouse Live event, Splatournament earlier today, and it was a fun affair, to say the least. Nintendo has hit on a major find with Splatoon and the continued attention it receives is warranted, but also essential. Such high-quality software getting all of the attention and support that it is, allows Nintendo to catch this lightning in a bottle, so to speak.

The Splatournament was held in the Mario Conference room at Nintendo of America HQ in Redmond, and was an internal competition between members of the Treehouse, and Nintendo graciously allowed us to have a look-in on the action.

Nintendo live-tweeted the event, and you can see that just below, and you can also watch the entire event in the video below, if you missed it, or just want to watch it again. Enjoy!

I think overall, Nintendo’s accessibility to their fans is part of what makes them as a gaming company the most appealing, and I look forward to every chance we get to see them and hear from them. Next year promises to be another great one for Nintendo, and if the close of 2015 is any indication, 2016 certainly will be.

Were you able to watch the Splatournament earlier? Do you look forward to more event like this one? Will you be looking to create/participate in any tournaments of your own?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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