It’s Out Now, So What Will You Be Doing About It?

The long-anticipated Xenoblade Chronicles X has finally arrived in North America, and it is being heralded for its fantastic brilliance. Many gamers have truly been waiting for this game to release here, and that wait seems to be well worth it. Nintendo of America has already shared the Accolades Trailer for the game, and it appears that most reviewers are extremely satisfied by the outcome.

I am extremely excited about this game and what it means for the Wii U and its library. I know quite a few people who are big JRPG fans, and have been waiting on Wii U just for this game, so now it’s time for them to enjoy what the Wii U has to offer.

I know there are some who feel Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Editionlike the system is not for them, and that is fine for them, if it’s truly what they believe, but I will say that many of them will miss out on some incredible offerings that many of them would really enjoy. I encourage anyone who has interest, even remotely, to check it out for themselves.

Have you gotten to pick it up yet? Will you be playing Xenoblade Chronicles X for quite some time to come, to completion? I look forward to hearing more and more feedback from people as they dive into the world of Mira and protect New Los Angeles!

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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