North America’s Last Splatfest for the Year is Set

Nintendo of America has announced the newest Splatfest for players to compete in, and it is festive, indeed. Splatfest is a 24-hour online competition between two chosen sides, battling it out in the Turf War mode of Splatoon. Since the game’s launch, Nintendo has continually supported the game with various updates and events, and this latest event looks to be the last one for the year.

The coming Splatfest will be themed Naughty versus Nice. The Splatfest is scheduled for next Friday/Saturday, December 18/19, from midnight to midnight EDT/9pm-9pm PDT. Remember to pick up your Super Sea Snails today, in order to be ready to pick your side, and let it be known whether you are Naughty or Nice.

Will you be competing in next week’s Splatfest? Are you excited to see a Holiday-themed Splatfest coming to town? Which side do you expect to compete for?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


2 thoughts on “North America’s Last Splatfest for the Year is Set

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