Tonight’s the Night

Nintendo has announced the arrival of the first of two new maps set for tonight. Last week we were informed that Splatoon players would be receiving even more terrain to traverse, and now we know that the first of those new maps, Piranha Pit, will be arriving tonight at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT.

With this new map announcement, Nintendo has given a little more detail in the way of visual information. Take a few minutes to prepare for the launch of another fantastic map for Splatoon.

Piranha Pit 3

Many people criticized Nintendo for their approach to the release of this game, at launch. However, even some of the most vocal opponents to Splatoon’s launch process, have ceded their stance, and realize how wonderful a title this game has turned out to be. Splatoon has continually been at the forefront of the mind’s of players and many agree that it is indeed one of the best games of this entire generation, industry-wide. I have remarked many times about how ingenious I believe Nintendo’s approach was with the staggered roll-out of content for the game, and the continued attention they have paid to the title. In addition to the added value with more maps, weapons, and gear, it has all been top-quality and free of charge.

Will you be testing out the new map tonight? Are you new to Splatoon as a player? How are you liking it, so far?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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