All Present and Accounted For…

Nintendo has announced the final Splatoon Weapon that will be made available to players. They also shared an illustration of every weapon that is aailable in the game. This illustration also highlights the 3 weapons that are exclusively available to those who complete the amiibo challenges.

What is interesting to note about this list of weapons, is the number of weapons that we started with at launch pales in comparison to the now-74 available weapons, and Nintendo surely had some, if not most, of them ready to go initially, but held them back. There were many gamers who felt that this was a bad move by Nintendo, but I was never one to feel that way. I always felt that by keeping some things back for the sake of continued fresh content was a fantastic move. It allowed early-adopters to experience everything in a paced manner, and later-adopters to not be overwhelmed by the shear amount of weapons, maps, and gear that would eventually be a part of the game.

So often, there are an outspoken few who believe (for some reason) that they know better than Nintendo on EVERYTHING, and that was never more evident when it came to this generation of gaming, and this game, in particular. When Splatoon was first revealed at E3 2014, there was a genuine excitement, but immediately the dissectors were looking to figure how such a “small” concept could suffice for a full game experience. Then when more modes were revealed, including a single player mode, most cares were cast aside. That is, until the staggered scheduled release of certain modes and content was divulged. That is about the time that many people seemed to lose their collective minds, so to speak. That separation over Splatoon has lasted throughout, yet the videos retracting earlier comments and apologizing to viewers for their concrete panning of the game (i.e. “boycotting Splatoon until the pending update”) for no real reason. However that turned out, gamers have gotten a lot of content for this game, and Nintendo never once looked to charge extra for it. So-called fans have gone so far as to berate Nintendo for their choices regarding this game early, but Nintendo has over-delivered on Splatoon, and true fans have enjoyed it, while others have gone silent…

I think this is game will end up being a generation-defining game, and as such many of the early opinions will melt away into forgotten sentiments, but the greatness that it is will be remembered fondly. How do you feel Splatoon has turned out, content-wise? The one remaining new map (that we know about) to be released should make its debut soon; do you expect to see any more after that? Do you think this is marking the end of Splatoon attention and the start of attention to a sequel for NX?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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