The Onslaught of NX News

Over the past few weeks, we have seemingly gotten daily news, updates and rumors about the Nintendo NX from every source, save Nintendo themselves. Most of the news, I have allowed to pass, without comment and offering my opinions on. Today’s news, though, seems to be more than I want to let get by without saying something.

Dr. Serkan Toto, known by many game fans for his timely Japanese translations on Twitter, has indeed shared some news obtained from some of his very credible sources.

This is interesting because many accounts that we have heard over the course of the rumor season has suggested that there will indeed be a handheld component in addition to a home console component to the NX. However it comes together as a concept, we are sure to be in position to get some really incredible news very soon directly from Nintendo.

One thing that is highly encouraging about a lot of this information that is “leaking” about the NX is the fact that a lot of it is really seemingly consistent, despite their varied sources. Most of the information has been great, but the one thing to note most is the fact that Nintendo has yet to confirm (or even deny) any of the info, so until they have done so, we won’t know for sure what NX is/will be. That does not mean speculation, guesses, ideas and even wishes are not welcome! Until Nintendo formally announces NX we only have our imaginations to give us our best understanding of the platform.

Some people have grown tired or even fed up with NX “news” without the aid of official information, but for Nintendo it is not a bad thing having the hype grow for it at this point because one of the excuses that hampered the Wii U early was the lack of knowing of its existence. That cannot be said about NX, the more hype that circulates around its impending arrival. In the end with the organic nature of consumer electronics, no matter how “perfectly” these companies play their hands, the final play is always in the hands of the customers.

How are you taking in all of this information and rumors? Have you grown tired, or are you embracing the “news”? Do you anticipate picking up the NX at launch, or are you waiting to see what it is first?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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