Splatfest Returns With a Vengeance

Nintendo of America has announced the next Splatfest for the region. Splatoon has not had a Splatfest competition since the Past vs. Future competition over a month ago. Since Splatoon has continually been a high seller globally, many people may be unfamiliar with the event.

The Splatfest is an online competition in which players choose opposing sides (depending on the theme) to compete on during the 24-hour event, and battle it out in a Turf War mode. The newest Splatfest competition will pit Pokémon Red vs. Pokémon Blue on Saturday, February 20 from midnight to midnight EDT!

Will you be competing in this newest Splatfest? Have you participated in any of the previous events? Which side will you be competing for?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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