And Now Miitomo is Available to Pre-Register

Nintendo’s first official foray into the Smart Device app market has begun with the pre-registration period before the release of Miitomo, Nintendo/DeNA’s first app. Nintendo also launched the official Miitomo website.

Miitomo Features 1Miitomo Features 2Miitomo Features 3Miitomo Features 4Miifoto GalleryMiitomo Pre-Registration Bonus

Miitomo is scheduled for global release next month (March 2016), and it should be a fun experience, for sure. I am really looking forward to it, so I quickly pre-registered at the link above. I encourage you to take advantage of the pre-registration bonus shown. Any Platinum Points available during this period having an expiration date makes them that much more appealing.

Will you be pre-registering for Miitomo? Have you already pre-registered for your Nintendo Account? What additional features do you anticipate for the app?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!




2 thoughts on “And Now Miitomo is Available to Pre-Register

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