What’s Possible in Nintendo IP-Based Media

For quite some time now, Nintendo has spoken about the desire to allow their IP to be used in several different ways outside of video games, solely. Mr. Satoru Iwata spoke about that desire several times before his passing, as well as Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto. We are already very aware that Nintendo is currently working on some sort of theme park attraction(s) with Universal Studios, with Miyamoto-san working closely and diligently with the principles involved in that venture.

What I would like to talk about today, though,Imaginings Mini-Series Mondays is specifically the possibilities of movies, series, and anime. Nintendo’s new President, Tatsumi Kimishima has also spoken about the expansion of the company’s IP, and mentioned these aspects, recently. I would like to take a look at what we might be able to see and hopefully look forward to enjoying in the very near future. This is the first entry in a Mini-Series Mondays where I will be looking at several possibilities that we Nintendo fans can look forward to in the near future.

Over the course of the Wii U’s lifespan we have seen several things that could be hints or glimpses into what we could expect.

One such glimpse was the Pikmin Short Movies project that Miyamoto-san created and released exclusively on the Nintendo eShop. Though he enjoyed making the shorts, he did admit that creating games and movies were a different undertaking, but the results were fantastic. The art-style and aesthetic were very vivid and could work well with many of the company’s IP in a larger project such as feature film, or even weekly (or perhaps episodic-run) series. The ways in which media is distributed these days creates so much opportunity, as well. Back during the time of Captain N, a Saturday cartoon format was typically the only option, but there are television, digital, and of course, movie theater options available now. Imagine having the ability to watch the new season of Pikmin, StarFox, or Ice Climbers in the Fall on Nickelodeon (for instance), or binge-watching the whole season on Netflix or Hulu, or better yet, on the NX Premium Channel.

(Now remember, this is all just my speculation, so I am not saying there are any deals with Nick, Hulu, Netflix or even a confirmed NX Premium Channel–or confirmed Pikmin, StarFox or Ice Climbers shows in the works, currently! But what if there are?!)

Also during this generation, we were treated to a host of incredible character-reveal videos for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS. Several fantastic art-styles were shown off like the cell-shaded style of the Little Mac reveal, or the classic anime style of the Palutena reveal, or even the early CGI-style of the Charizard/Geninja reveal. All of these styles were phenomenal and could work very well for any of the above mentioned media. In fact, I am sure I was not the only person hoping that some of these reveals were preludes to series announcements, even then.

Even film creators have gotten into the supposition game where Nintendo is concerned. During a recent DICE panel, Roy Lee and Adrian Askarieh were asked about their dream movie material.

Lee, the president of Vertigo Entertainment and producer of The LEGO Movie, gave his opinion.

“Mine would be Nintendo. I think Zelda, Mario, and the whole universe of characters would be perfect for a LEGO Movie type of [film]. I don’t have the rights to it, but I would love to. That would be my Holy Grail.”

Whereas Askarieh, CEO and president of Prime Universe Films, agreed that Nintendo properties were ripe for adaptation.

What would a LEGO Movie-type Nintendo movie be like? That would be an amazing thing to see. Imagine Mario, or Link (with a voice) running around in their respective worlds with the flare and comedy of a LEGO Movie. Imagine Samus Aryn piloting her craft, morphing into a ball, and fighting alongside the Federation with that same flare.

These are the types of things that are absolutely possible with Nintendo IP in different types of media. From anime and live-action series on television, streaming and the like, to movies featuring the characters and worlds that I grew up playing and envisioning in one sense, can soon be possibly viewed in a whole new way. That is what excites me. All of the rich possibilities that are there.

What would you like to see from Nintendo-themed media, whether series or movies? Do you think there are already some concrete things in the works now? Who would you like to see work on any of the projects?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!




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