They Pull You Back In…

Nintendo has announced an all-new Splatoon update and the arrival of several new weapons. It has been quite some time since the “final” updates, weapons, maps and gear arrived in Splatoon, but shortly after their release, the game’s developers and producers hinted at the possibility of more additional content.

When Splatoon was released nearly one year ago, the promise of added content was merely a collection of words, but beyond that, many vocal fans felt that the company would not be able to deliver well enough on that promise to justify the game’s release at the time. Nintendo did, however, deliver tremendously on that promise, even to the point of some admitting that they never expected this much content for the game. Now, the developers are bringing even more to the table.

Several of the weapons that will become available on the 12th have been highlighted, so here are a few of their details.

These new weapons are sure to once again bring many players back to the splatting fields of Splatoon to test their skills. It will be interesting to see how well these new weapons will be received by players, old and new, alike.

Do you plan on testing the new weapons when they become available on April 12th? Have you been playing Splatoon lately? you excited about the new weapons support coming to the game?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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