Nintendo @E3

Now that some of the furor and hand-wringing has subsided a bit, I felt it was time to dive a little more into Nintendo’s plans for E3. Interestingly, a bit more information has begun to trickle out here and there over the past few days, as well.

A few weeks ago Nintendo shared their plans for the upcoming Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), and they were met with resistance, by some, to say the least. Prior to their announcements, most people anticipated an expansive event for Nintendo this year, simply because there is a new piece of hardware that we have not gotten any (very much) information on, as of yet.

This limited description and the sparse details on the official E3 website show that the new Legend of Zelda game is the focus of the expo, but beyond that there is little else we know, definitively. The Nintendo booth on the show floor will be transformed into a real life Hylian locale. Visitors to the booth will also be able to play the game for the first time. Fans at home will be privy to game play, tutorials, possible exclusive footage, and the usual fair from the Nintendo of America Treehouse gang.

And of course, as seen above, the company even opened up their show floor to a lucky few contestants, as well. In addition to the contestants visiting E3, Nintendo NY will be opening their doors for a special event centered around E3. Not only will there be a live-viewing of the Treehouse Live presentation to start, but there will also be 500 fortunate fans who will get their hands on the game demo before anyone else, as well as the opportunity to watch from the viewing area.

Nintendo has also notified members of the media who will be attending E3 that they are definitely in for a treat at the show.

A press email has now confirmed that games media will have access to “two extended demos” at the show where they will explore the “wilds of hyrule & explore grasslands, forests & mountains”

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That 60-90 minute time frame that Nintendo is asking them to set aside looks to be a major time block full of potential. Speculation has already started swirling with people trying to figure out what these demos will be, and what will fill up 90 minutes of game play!

I am excited about E3 and I will definitely be covering the event. It’s so interesting to me how disappointed so many people were following last year’s Digital Event, after going into E3 declaring that Nintendo could “win” the show by simply showing Zelda. Now, as we approach E3 2016, we already know that the company will be simply showing Zelda (and letting attendees play it), and strangely, there are great gobs of people who are upset. Enjoy it as it comes, I say!

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Happy 1 Year Anniversary Splatoon!

Nintendo is commemorating the first anniversary of the phenomenal new IP Splatoon. A year ago, Nintendo released a brand new IP mere months after its reveal at E3 2014, and showed the gaming community that they indeed still have it!

Since its release last year, Nintendo has continually updated the content available in the game, and provided players with an overwhelming amount of additional maps, weapons, and gear. To mark the 1 year anniversary of the game’s launch, Nintendo is providing an all-new set of weapon combinations.

So, come June 7, look forward to finding new ways to play again. Splatoon is going down as one of the most innovative new gaming experiences, of all-time.

Are you looking forward to getting your hands on the new weapon sets when they become available? Have you still been playing Splatoon? How excited are you for the new weapons?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

Star Fox Zero Special Comic Part 1: A New Mission

Recently Nintendo of America released anew comic focused on the theme of the newest StarFox game on the Wii U, so of course, we have it here for our Friday Fun post. It has actually been a while since our last Friday Fun post, but I am excited to pass these newest entries from Nintendo.

StarFox Zero launched globally, earlier this month, and many gamers have taken the opportunity to aid Fox McCloud and his cohorts in their duties. Well, let’s find out about their new mission in this first part of the Special Comic series, below:


I hope you enjoy Part 1, and look forward to Part 2 next week. Until then, remember:

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


Starting to Make More Sense Now…

Nintendo of America shared a new video today that gives us a better understanding of the story and even mechanics of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. Although the game was released in Japan several months ago, it is due for release in the West on June 24. What was shared today, however, gave us a better understanding of what is going on in the game.

Interestingly, although I had a slight interest in the title, and even watched a couple live streams of the game being played (Japanese version), I was not really sure what was going on. After watching this video, though, I have grown to anticipate this game much more.

This video is only a part 1, so I am really looking forward to any subsequent parts that will explain even more of the game’s basics. This localized presentation really does have a quirkiness to it that fits the overall aesthetic of the game, as well. The art style is heavily influenced by a lot of contemporary anime, so it truly gives the sense that players will be playing an anime, and that is fun, especially when the RPG elements appear to be so strong, even in what appears to be a light and quirky setting.

When this game is finally released in North America, will you be picking it up? Have you been anticipating this title? What are your thoughts on the premise of the game?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

Nintendo is Minding Their Own Business

So, apparently Nintendo is ready to begin divulging information with a steady frequency now. The latest comes on the heels of Nintendo’s global President, Tatsumi Kimishima, sharing several news items recently during an interview. Now, we are learning of even more plans from Nintendo.

Dr. Serkan Toto has shared some advanced information that is due to become effective within the company’s Articles of Incorporation.

These new businesses for Nintendo are truly set to create a major footprint for the company outside of strictly consoles and games. The Quality of Life platform that has been talked about a little in the past, would appear to fall within the medical and health devices business that is mentioned. It would also appear that under the umbrella of managing/investing in “eating establishments” would likely fall under the much-anticipated Universal Studios agreement. Of course, there would be much more expected in the theme parks than restaurants.

“Computer software” is pretty curious as it could lead some to conclude that means something along the lines of Nintendo “going third party” somehow. I would look at that in a slightly different manner, though. Instead of seeing “games” in that scenario, I see something more along the lines of learning/teaching software, similar to the Brain Age series of games for DS. Also, look to the “app” that was employed on the Nintendo 3DS that was used at The Louvre in Paris.

In any event, I look forward to hearing more on these new businesses with the next Investor Briefing/Q&A. Nintendo, having recently announced the selling of the majority of their ownership stake in the Seattle Mariners, is certainly looking to strengthen their financial base by capitalizing on their standing assets. Exciting times ahead!

always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!

Nintendo Has Begun to Talk About It…

Quite some time ago the late President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, announced that the company would be opening up licensing for their iconic IP to create movies again. Later, it was reiterated by the company’s current global President, Tatsumi Kimishima. Since these announcements, the speculation and wish-listing has grown to great heights.

Recently however, Kimishima-san gave an interview to a Japanese publication, and this subject was broached again. During the interview Kimishima-san addressed a few key things that are truly worth noting.

Because the interview was conducted and shared in Japanese, this post is relying on the translation of Dr. Serkan Toto as shared via Twitter, and the Google translations.

So, for the last couple days, news reports have been sharing this information, almost as if it’s completely new. We have known for some time that Nintendo would be licensing their IP for use in movies again. The new information that is here, however, points to ruling out certain aspects of what those media could look like. Kimishima-san pointed to the old Super Mario movie as a reason for the company to steer away from a live-action iteration of any of the properties. It appears the work has already begun on at least one movie and/or other forms of film.

cheodqbxeaqkm3aWhat is so interesting about a lot of the fervor generated by this news is the fact that a lot of what was shared was Kimishima-san reiterating what had already been shared. We already knew that NX was not set to be a “direct replacement” for either Wii U or 3DS. That was stated before. We knew that after Miitomo launched, the next titles were to be games, as had been shared several times. Just like we knew beforehand that Miitomo was simply a communication app, and not a “game”. It just seems strange how surprised so many people are when we “find out” things that we already knew.

Look forward to seeing the first new Nintendo IP-based movie within the next 2-3 years. I am sure we will have plenty of official news about that as time draws near. We’ll get trailers, and promos, and even more as the time comes, and for those of us who understand disciplining our disappointments, and not succumbing to hype will take each thing in stride, and hopefully immensely enjoy the finished products.

That can also be said of the coming dedicated gaming platform that we only know as the NX at the moment. As gamers, we should be much more savvy in digesting information. Be smarter about managing hype. As Nintendo fans, we have been subject to an onslaught of disparaging remarks, and negative attacks about and against us as gamers, Nintendo as a company, and just doom and gloom, in general. Now is the time to guard against the strange roller coaster of hype and disappointment that seems to befall so many these days. Hype videos, the rumor mill, and leaks seem to be the most popular videos on YouTube at the moment, and that tends to be a source of agitation for many people. They geek themselves up to an extreme level, and are somehow let down when their expectations are not met.

There is a lot of good that is packed in this information, even with the amount of repeated information. For one, it says that the company is relatively on-track toward their goals, but it also shows the company’s willingness to continue to create new avenues of sharing their IP, all for the purpose of expanding on their primary business–putting smiles on the faces of the people they come in contact with!

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


To What End…?

Lately there has been an annoying din of noise coming from many different directions. People complaining and moaning about this and that regarding Nintendo. What the company has done, is doing and will do, seem to all be up for discussion between every armchair CEO, analyst, investor, and developer. For years, detractors have been preaching the demise of Nintendo, and every time anything new comes about, they are thumping their proverbial chests, shouting about how “right” they were. No matter how benign the news may be, there is a segment of the population that decided long ago that it was catastrophic.

So my question to many is simply, “To what end…?” To what end is the massive backlash and ridiculous hyperbole regarding Nintendo, their hardware, and software? For some time now, there has been a segment of the population that is just dissatisfied with any-/everything that Nintendo does. Whether the company is communicating too much, or not enough. Whether the company is taking away physical rewards, or offering them in a different form (amiibo). Whether the company releases a game that may seem unfinished, or delays it to make sure it is thoroughly complete. These are all things that draw the ire of many in this community, and you may have noticed that there are a lot of people truly finding their poles to attach their allegiances.

…truth about disappointment: it’s only ever the product of hope subverted.

On several occasions I have written about this topic, but it seems that it is just a recurring theme in today’s gaming environment. Of course, its not just limited to gaming, but the polar mentality has permeated many aspects of life these days. That mentality coupled with the desire to want everything quickly, and right away makes for a truly entitled attitude for a lot of gamers these days. There does not seem to be any room for tolerance anymore. It’s almost as if people are not allowed to have personal preference or an opinion anymore…unless of course, it matches up with what others “think”. Group-think is a thing and it’s dangerous. A lot of times, people seem to confuse the fact that we live in a democracy with a majority-rules process for thinking. As if that way of thought means you’re right versus wrong.

This current time period seems to be bringing out the worst in people, too. From people squabbling over specs of the newest platforms that have not even been revealed, yet, to people vociferously professing the eulogy of the Wii U to the shear ignorance of Nintendo and their handling of the Titan of Shows — Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3). No matter what, the group-think will lead you to believe that all is wrong in the Land of Nintendo!

“Nintendo is disappointing and crazy” is an easy way to encapsulate things, certainly, but it’s also an easy way to erode one’s knowledge of what else it can be.

I would dare suggest to ignore the voices and think for yourself. If that leads you to conclude something differently than my take (illustrated below), so be it. But that certainly does not make what I will share any  more incorrect than your thoughts.

So recently, the very informative and often-quoted Emily Rogers posted a list of 10 questions that 3rd party publishers ask themselves before supporting Nintendo hardware. Now, the thing about this list is the fact that I am not 100% convinced it is truly something that 1.) is legitimately something that publishers indeed check off before working with Nintendo, and 2.) is even a fair representation. There are so many biased points about this list, it is kind of irksome. I won’t go point by point about this list, but I will point out a handful of my gripes with it and hopefully get your feedback, as well.

Now, some of these are valid questions, but stuff like installed-base, or caring about certain genres, or the ability to compete with Nintendo IP is just plain ridiculous to me. Here’s what we have when we lend validity to such questions. By accepting these questions as a legitimate list, it says that the premise is also true. That is where I take most exception because at best these are opinions created after the fact. Take the first question I mentioned; at the start of any console life the installed base is absolute zero. There is no one who owns a system prior to its launch, however, there are always third party developers who have games available. No matter which system it is, there are a few games. Even the launch of Wii U, there were a couple first-party games, and a few third-party entries, as well. Granted most were “old ports”, but they were there. So there is no reason to believe they asked the question about install base, simply because there wasn’t one yet.

Also, questioning whether Nintendo fans “care about” sports games, or any other genre is odd, seeing that Every individual is different. In fact, not every Nintendo fan is a fan of ALL “Nintendo games”. There are many players who enjoy all types of game experiences, and it is not even remotely fair to attempt to lump Nintendo fans into categories of liking/not liking a particular genre because you will never get an accurate assessment one way or the other. One Nintendo fan may love playing football, or basketball, or wrestling, but another may not find joy in those types of games. Choosing not to supply them to Nintendo consoles though, only results in alienating every Nintendo fan from those experiences, unless they choose to invest in additional hardware, which may not happen. That is not necessarily a choice that player has made, but one that those developers have made for them. Not a good thing.

Now, the argument about “competing for attention” with Mario, Zelda, Splatoon, etc. is very odd to me. First, Nintendo is not releasing a major IP title even every month of a year, so that leaves gaps in the calendar that can easily be filled by different titles. There is sect of the community that believes there is a drought going right now for the Wii U. That is due to the fact that Nintendo is not releasing very many more first party games for the system through the remainder of the calendar/fiscal year. However, there are third party games that are releasing during that time that the decision to abandon the Wii U have precluded from being made available during this time. Something else that’s funny about this question is the fact that Splatoon is even on the list. How does that work? That game is only a year old at the time of this writing. One year ago, it was debated about whether this game would be able to do anything. The hope was that it would be pretty good, but the guarantee was far from there. There was criticism about the ads the company chose to use, the amount of content was heavily questioned, and there was even talk of “boycotting” the game from some. So what was there to “compete” against, and how would third parties have known about it 1-3 years ago when they decided to either abandon the system, or handicap their efforts when they did release something?

So, as things go, there is a group of people (some of whom are influential members of the Nintendo gaming community) who give credence to this type of thing which invites more negativity and Nintendo bashing. It’s interesting when you can see how much effort they go to in order to find fault with the company, and its actions.

One simple example of late; Emily Rogers again, recently tweeted one point of validation for Nintendo forgoing a hardware reveal at E3 2016. That tweet was immediately met with a particular Nintendo “influencer” spewing his negativity once again. Every chance he gets, he takes the opportunity to point out how he thinks the company has done something wrong. I hesitate to talk too much about him, just to ensure I stay away from a rant, but it’s nothing short of disappointing to have enjoyed his content at one point, to completely despising pretty much everything he says and does. To each their own, I always say, but generating and feeding any negativity for something that you claim to “love” is irresponsible, and downright disingenuous. Maybe you feel it’s more lucrative to garner “hate”, but I refuse to aid it, if I can possibly help it.

And all of this is amplified by the fact that historically, Nintendo is always at its most exciting when it’s rebooting. That tends to only happen when the company’s back is undeniably against the wall, but it also tends to be when Nintendo thinks hard, digs deep, and brings its A-game in the most unexpected yet thrilling ways…

It feels like we might be close to another one of those events. So who cares if Nintendo executes it at E3 – a show that several big publishers have already left this year, rightly raising questions about the importance of the show, not the companies in question – or elsewhere, later down the line? Are we really going to demand that Nintendo reveals the off-kilter, Wonka-style creativity that we so love on a strict, industry mandated schedule, based on rules that no-one really made, based on tradition that exists just because? Are we going to claim doom because Nintendo seems to want to do its next era justice, starting it at the right time to give it the chance its predecessor never got?

Apparently some of us are, but I’m certainly not.

Look, my initial question is also my closing question: “To what end…?” To what end is the benefit of the concerted effort to paint Nintendo in the worst light possible? To what end does it make life better for one, by criticizing the opinions of others? If someone likes Nintendo, it does no harm to anyone else that feels they are not getting what they “need” from the company. But at the same time it is certainly not necessary to voice your dislike on every turn, either. There is already plenty of negativity polluting our mental environment, as it is. There is absolutely not a requisite to continue to add to it.

How do you feel about the current climate in the community? Do you think there is an overabundance of meaningless negativity?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!