Update Coming to Miitomo

Miitomo users were informed this evening that an update would be coming to the smart device app soon. A set date was not given immediately, but we do know that it should not be long.

 It is good to see Nintendo continuing to make efforts to improve the users’ experience with the app.

How much are you using Miitomo? Are you still having fun with it? What else would you like for Nintendo to do with this app? With their future apps?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


2 thoughts on “Update Coming to Miitomo

  1. Getting real tired of repeated questions. I wish we could opt out of being asked to updated the same questions each week.

    I would like real fun questions to be asked like, “If you were a dinosaur, what would you look like and what would you be called?” That’s an awesome question and I just thought of it on the spot, lol. Instead, they wanna be like, “How many flowers do you see?” You be like, 8 and they’re like, “So you a ho, then.” LOL tired of that one!

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    • LOL That’s funny! Yeah, I definitely feel your pain on that one, for sure! The repeated questions are a bit annoying. Your dinosaur question is pretty good, too 😁😘


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