Nintendo @E3

Now that some of the furor and hand-wringing has subsided a bit, I felt it was time to dive a little more into Nintendo’s plans for E3. Interestingly, a bit more information has begun to trickle out here and there over the past few days, as well.

A few weeks ago Nintendo shared their plans for the upcoming Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), and they were met with resistance, by some, to say the least. Prior to their announcements, most people anticipated an expansive event for Nintendo this year, simply because there is a new piece of hardware that we have not gotten any (very much) information on, as of yet.

This limited description and the sparse details on the official E3 website show that the new Legend of Zelda game is the focus of the expo, but beyond that there is little else we know, definitively. The Nintendo booth on the show floor will be transformed into a real life Hylian locale. Visitors to the booth will also be able to play the game for the first time. Fans at home will be privy to game play, tutorials, possible exclusive footage, and the usual fair from the Nintendo of America Treehouse gang.

And of course, as seen above, the company even opened up their show floor to a lucky few contestants, as well. In addition to the contestants visiting E3, Nintendo NY will be opening their doors for a special event centered around E3. Not only will there be a live-viewing of the Treehouse Live presentation to start, but there will also be 500 fortunate fans who will get their hands on the game demo before anyone else, as well as the opportunity to watch from the viewing area.

Nintendo has also notified members of the media who will be attending E3 that they are definitely in for a treat at the show.

A press email has now confirmed that games media will have access to “two extended demos” at the show where they will explore the “wilds of hyrule & explore grasslands, forests & mountains”

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That 60-90 minute time frame that Nintendo is asking them to set aside looks to be a major time block full of potential. Speculation has already started swirling with people trying to figure out what these demos will be, and what will fill up 90 minutes of game play!

I am excited about E3 and I will definitely be covering the event. It’s so interesting to me how disappointed so many people were following last year’s Digital Event, after going into E3 declaring that Nintendo could “win” the show by simply showing Zelda. Now, as we approach E3 2016, we already know that the company will be simply showing Zelda (and letting attendees play it), and strangely, there are great gobs of people who are upset. Enjoy it as it comes, I say!

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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