And So the E3 Resolution Has Set In

The Electronic Entertainment Expo for 2016 has already commenced and concluded for another year. This year, as Nintendo fans, we were “warned” ahead of time that Nintendo would only have a single game playable on the show floor at E3 this year, and of course that “warning” was met with the usual responses typical of the community these days. The vast majority of the reactions were the typical “doom and gloom”, the drone of “How could Nintendo do this? They’re so stupid!” “One game!? They have given up!”

One game! Just one game…playable! But that was all that was necessary for them to have the most attractive presence at E3. When you approach this event with tempered expectations and a level head, you can not only find yourself pleasantly surprised, but also easily remember how interesting people’s reactions truly are. Remember when Nintendo delivered an admittedly lackluster E3 Digital Event in 2015? I vividly remember going into that event, hearing a lot of the prediction/wish list videos and podcasts declare that Nintendo could “win E3” with one simple action. All they had to do was show us new Zelda footage, as we already knew it was coming soon, and they would win, hands-down! Well, of course, we know that didn’t happen…then.

This year, however, we went into E3 knowing that the new Zelda game would be shown, and even playable, and suddenly that was not nearly enough, and Nintendo was somehow making some colossal mistake. That was quite curious, in my opinion, and funny enough, when the company finally unveiled their complete E3 plan, the reception was overwhelmingly positive. There are pictures, videos and eye witness accounts of how countless attendees ran to get their opportunity to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild demo. Hundreds of people, running past entire Sony and Microsoft booths to get to the sole Nintendo game playable on the show floor. Imagine that…the same company that was counted out of E3 because they were only bringing one game, was now receiving a great bulk of the attention from many different directions, and it was massively positive!

Now, Breath of the Wild was not the only game that Nintendo showed at E3, so let’s speak briefly on the others, as well. In addition to the Pokémon Sun and Moon gameplay that was shown on Tuesday, the Treehouse Live gang showed several other titles on Wednesday. Starting with mobile game, Pokémon GO Plus, Nintendo went on to share footage, and gameplay of quite a few Nintendo 3DS games, and one more Wii U game soon to be released. They showed:

All but one of these games is set for release in the coming weeks and months, save for the lone brand new IP, Ever Oasis, which is scheduled for a 2017 release.

Even beyond games, Nintendo has announced several new amiibo series’, as well. Of course, we know that Breath of the Wild will be compatible with amiibo, as we found that out when Twilight Princess HD was released on Wii U. We now know, though, that there are three new amiibo coming as Breath of the Wild series amiibo.


Along with the above amiibo, we learned of more Super Mario series amiibo. Fans will finally get to grab a Waluigi amiibo…


All in all, Nintendo has an amazingly solid E3. Especially against the odds that they seemingly faced prior to the event kicking off. I was pleasantly surprised by all of the information and gameplay, but that was even after expecting the company to do well (fanboy optimism, maybe). I expected that going in with the level of confidence they had in the single playable game, and not much more information, they would be just fine. Breath of the Wild, however, blew everybody away with its shear magnitude, and that is an absolute bonus in my opinion.

I am not really sure why doubting Nintendo, and thinking you are “smarter” than the company executives, developers, and producers is so chic, but it is satisfying to see those people proven wrong time and again. No person, or company, for that matter, is perfect, but understand, track record absolutely means a lot. Nintendo’s track record of creating phenomenal games and products cannot, and should not, be taken lightly.

Nintendo is in the process of creating the future, and is not looking toward the mistakes of the past. Anyone who thinks they should, is only dwelling there, and could possibly be left behind because of it. Please understand–Nintendo will be surprising us again, in the very near future!

What did you like best about Nintendo’s E3? Do you feel like Zelda alone, won E3 for them? Do you think Nintendo played their cards correctly for this year’s event?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



7 thoughts on “And So the E3 Resolution Has Set In

  1. This is a great write-up. I also noticed that everyone was complaining about Zelda being the only title being shown off, whereas last year that was the only title everyone wanted to see. Just can’t satisfy everyone! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! Did you get to see the booth in person? It was absolutely stunning.

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  2. Not a problem!

    I’m actually the Community Content Manager for, and I’d be ecstatic if you consider sharing your posts on our platform. Our mission is to give excellent writers like yourself the exposure they deserve. If you have any questions or if you need help getting start, feel free to email me at I’d be more than happy to help. 🙂

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