The Final Showdown…

Nintendo has announced the next and last Splatfest, and it will be a global event…of sorts. Splatoon has seen more than a dozen of the contests, and the final one will take place next month.

Get ready for the Squid Sisters Showdown–#TeamCallie versus #TeamMarie!

Splatoon has had an incredible run of updates and support for more than a year since release, and with this final Splatfest, we are seeing the last of the formal overarching support for this amazing game. Splatoon started out as a hopeful new IP being shown off for the first time at E3 in 2014, and the audience was absolute zero, but the charm was immediately apparent once the first part of that initial trailer was played. The game was heralded by many as the surprise hit of the show, garnering awards, praise and lots of attention. It wasn’t always seen as a sure-thing that it became, prior to its actual launch, though. There were many who continued to rage about how Nintendo was messing up, yet again. There were the cries of the company not listening to the fans; the whining about the company’s choice for advertisement; the way the content was being rolled out over time…all of these things seemed to be the telltale signs that Nintendo was completely out of touch with gamers today! Well, obviously Splatoon was not the death knell for the company that was being foretold, despite the threats of boycotting the game until all of the in-game content was released, or at least until the “big update” came a few months after launch.

Are you ready for the big showdown? How often have you participated in the Splatfest events? Will you choose #TeamCallie or #TeamMarie?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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