Let’s Take it Back – Friday Fun!

Friday Fun has been missing for a few weeks now, and what better way to bring it back than with a throwback to the days of Howard & Nester!? Recently, it was discovered that many of the first few years of issues of the iconic publication, Nintendo Power. Archive.org has the first 145 issues (first 13 years) of the magazine available to view online, for free.

I have mentioned before is this blog that I grew up subscribing to, and reading Nintendo Power early on in my gaming life. Nintendo Power was easily my favorite piece of mail that I would get every single month. For the first 3 or so years of its existence, I never missed an issue coming to my home; the poster inserts lined my bedroom walls, the game guides lined my floor during play-throughs, and the comics, like below, kept me laughing!

This is the very first Howard & Nester comic that was published in the magazine. Enjoy, and look forward to more, next week…

Nintendo Power Issue 1 July August 1988-Howard and Nester.jpg

Howard & Nester was a wonderful way for fans to get to know more tips and tricks regarding the games we played, as they came out, in a fun and comical way.

Were you ever a subscriber to Nintendo Power during its run? What were some of your favorite features of the magazine?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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