Stay Away From Pitfalls-Enjoy the Ride!

Ok, I think it’s finally time to break my self-imposed silence on the NX again. With the reveal seemingly imminent, I think it’s time to start talking about it, and that’s an exciting and even anxious feeling, actually. I haven’t been writing much lately as there has been not a whole lot that I have been compelled to finish writing about from Nintendo. Not that they have not been a bit more vocal as of late, but their 3DS Direct was pretty direct…no pun intended. My thoughts on it were not necessary, in my opinion. However, there are a lot of things around it that I would like to discuss, along with some other really interesting and exciting things leading into the new era of Nintendo that is just around the corner.

As has been discussed, ad nauseum, in likely every corner of the Nintendo community, Nintendo is on the verge of revealing their eagerly awaited new platform, codenamed NX, and along with that there have been a lot of “leaks” and rumors, speculation and opposing “camps”, fighting and even growing apathy. I’m sure I am not the only one who has heard fans making comments about not even being excited about the coming platform from Nintendo due to the silence from the company, the constant rumor mill churning, and the exhaustion from it all. Taking a healthy look at everything that is happening right now, is what I intend to do, and hence share it with you all. I look forward to expanding the discussion with you afterward.

Before we really dive into the NX, though, I want to touch on a few other things, first. The current gaming climate (for home consoles) in general seems to be a bit arrid at the moment. Personally seeing nothing much more than a single 1st-party title coming from Nintendo for the Wii U along with a few Nindie titles, the console is truly seeing the close of it’s Nintendo support. And despite most opinions, that really is unfortunate. For the time that it did have, the Wii U did have some incredible offerings for fans if they were open to them. As far as other platforms, a lot of what I have noticed lately is either fans having to wait on delayed software, or being pushed toward “upgraded” hardware a mere 3 years post-launch to play what appear to be the same experiences that can be had minus the upgrade.

For Nintendo fans, however, we are set for a whole lot of new things coming our way in the near and distant future. Many of you may remember Reggie Fils-Aime sharing that the company was in a transformational phase during last year’s E3 (2015) presentation. That process is currently what we are in the middle of, and if there’s one thing I will always remember about a process…it’s never pretty. In fact, a process is an ugly thing. Nothing nice about it, but the end-result is the overall determining factor in its worthiness.

So during this process, we are seeing the approach of the NX, along with the opening up of the company’s iconic IP for several different things, the mobile/smart phone initiative, the partnership with Universal Studios theme parks, anime and motion picture media, and quite likely other things that we are unaware of currently. There are a few of these things that have already rolled out, and many more to come. In my opinion, with patience, we are all going to be greatly surprised, as well as pleased with their efforts. One thing we have to remember about this whole thing is, Nintendo has said on several occasions what their intent is regarding their current actions, but so often it’s interesting seeing so many people get confused at each turn. With every move that Nintendo is making, there are those who just can’t understand what’s going on. They explained what their aim was with Miitomo, but people were confused. They explained that the subsequent apps were going to be games, but people seemed surprised when they reiterated it. They said they would be looking to drive eyes to their main line business of dedicated gaming hardware through IP recognition, and that would require them to appear in many different places they traditionally had not been. Seeing Nintendo characters on apparel, board games, card games, toy cars, and other places was foretold. Following the initial success of Miitomo, spokespeople for the company shared their willingness to allow any IP  to be fair game for future mobile games, but suddenly it became a shock that they would partner with Apple on a limited-exclusive iOS game in Super Mario Run which will also be on Android at a later time. Who is more recognized than Mario? And how better to get more people connected to Mario than through a unique experience that will eventually drive traffic to the new NX device which will indeed have an all-new Super Mario Bros. game waiting for our enjoyment!

So, beyond the roll-out of these incredible things for newcomers to enjoy, we Nintendo fans are mainly in a holding pattern until the company announces their new platform for us all to enjoy. That holding pattern seems to be bringing out the irrational in many among the fanbase, though. The amount of wild accusations, speculation, rumors, and even flat-out lies has been outrageous. From mocking up 3D-rendered controllers, to leaked specs upon specs; it has been crazy!

The thing about all of this fervor is it’s at such a high level right now, and that’s a great thing for so many reasons. Yet, at the same time, it’s potentially a pitfall, as well. The thing about it is, in order for it to be a pitfall, the people would have to make it so. See, I truly believe that there is a tendency among all fanbases to get overhyped about anything new. I’m not sure if that’s a new thing or not, but it seems as if it’s something that happens much more frequently in today’s society. Think about it this way; patience is a relatively foreign concept nowadays. In this “microwave society”, people want things done quickly and instantly. We are not fans of waiting for things to be done right, we just want them now. I mean look at how we consume a lot of programming these days. A lot of people simply binge-watch shows via Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, etc. And today’s gamers can be some of the worst offenders when it comes to this. Look at the hype that generates just before and immediately following E3 every single year. Gamers get worked up so much in anticipation for the show, and after the announcements, but somewhere along the way the realization sets in that these games are indeed quite some time away from release. Now, if fans of other gaming companies are anything like the fanbase I pay most attention to, Nintendo, then they, too, likely allow their euphoria to fade over time. The Law of Diminishing Intent sets in, and all of a sudden, the more the inevitable delays come, the less the people want them. That is what hype does to people…it slowly kills their desire, simply because by its very nature it cannot last. Like a sugar rush!

My suggestion for whomever is reading this, though, is to take care to pay close attention to the things that Nintendo has truly confirmed previously. Know that their ultimate goal is to succeed in their creative works, whether that be their hardware, software, or other ventures. As fans, a lot of times we may think we know exactly what we want, but many times we aren’t truly aware of what that is until it is actually presented to us. Many of the games and franchises that we revere were never on our radar until they were shown to us, and our gaming lives have been all the better for it. So, if you are eagerly awaiting the reveal of the NX like most everyone else, go about it in the best way for you. If steering clear of the leaks and rumors is what you need to do, then do just that. However, for those people who find it entertaining and fun, there is no need to condemn them for that. Just like different games appeal to different people for individual reasons, getting the information that they want, is their preference, as well. No need to get NX fatigue due to other people’s (over-)indulgence in information.

I am sorely anticipating the reveal and finally knowing what Nintendo is up to next, but I also am aware that the company has to make sure they do it the best way they are able to without hurting their current projects, and giving it the best possible chances for success, all the same.

Have you been a part of the group who cannot get enough, or have had enough? When do you think we will finally know everything we have been anticipating from Nintendo?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!


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