Splatoon Showdown Series Coming in November

Nintendo has partnered with the eSports platform Battlefy, and they have set a series of online Splatoon tournaments for every weekend in November, called the Splatoon Showdown Series. This move seems to be yet another in the string of steps that Nintendo has made in their embracing of the eSports scene, especially when it comes to the smash-hit Splatoon.

Each weekend, the tournament will feature a different mode of competition, starting in the first weekend with Turf Wars. After that the modes will shift to Tower Control, Splat Zones, and finally Rainmaker. Nintendo has sponsored several Splatoon eSports tournaments over the last couple of years, and most have been overseas in Japan, but now we have the opportunity here in the states to participate.

I have actually never heard of Battlfy before, but this concept has such a natural feel to it, that I am flat-out excited about it, and the possibilities. For those who are unaware,

Battlefy is an eSports management tool focused on building infrastructure for tournament organizers.

One of the most intriguing things about this Series is the fact that participants can compete in the tournament and not all have to be in a single location. Obviously, players will definitely want to make sure their internet connections are solid, but boy the possibilities are endless. Imagine competing in a Nintendo-sanctioned tournament for prizes, and doing so comfortably from your home without the hassle of traveling to different venues. Amazing!

What are the possibilities you see in this partnership between Nintendo and Battlefy? Do you think you will compete in any of the tournaments? Have you ever participated in any other Battlfy tournaments? Had you ever heard of them before?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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