Nintendo Announces the Nintendo Switch Presentation

Shortly after Nintendo revealed their newest home gaming system , the Nintendo Switch, they notified us that no additional information was going to be shared until 2017. Many people wondered if that meant January or February for more details. I always assumed that to mean fairly early in January to give the most time for promotion prior to release in March (also likely the second or third week in the month–my prediction).

Now, however, we know that Nintendo has scheduled their Nintendo Switch Presentation for a live stream blowout on January 12, 2017.

Following the reveal and subsequent information regarding additional details, a lot of people felt it was a mistake to not give more right away. Questions about whether the company should “strike while the iron was hot” were swirling. There were others who immediately hoped that Nintendo would not give any more details until January, allowing the reveal trailer to stand on its own for a while.

It looks like Nintendo had the exact same idea, as now we will begin to get a deluge of details, events, and more starting on January 12. In addition to the live stream presentation which will take place at Tokyo Big Sight on the 12th, there will also be live hands-on events for media and analysts taking place at the Tokyo Big Sight on the 13th and 14th (13th-15th Tokyo time). There will also be events held in the US and Europe at times around there, as well. Currently the exact times have not been announced, but I do expect to get more on that as we get closer to the event. Nintendo has also made it known that the event is open to the public, so anyone who can make it to Tokyo on these dates can be among the first to actually get hands-on with the brand new Nintendo Switch!

This three-day event is absolutely how I envisioned the reveal of the “NX” to be, and the initial reveal trailer is all bonus, in my opinion. What I am most excited about is the fact that the company is showing how dedicated they are to giving the Nintendo Switch an amazing launch and are committed to giving it an incredible launch library.

What do you expect we will see along the lines of additional “secrets” regarding the Nintendo Switch features? What games do you hope to see from the launch lineup? Will you try to make it to witness the event live?

As always, gaming is meant to be fun, so keep gaming!!



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